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  Im a huge Deadpool fan, and I could't help but notice your interview went alot like this one at one point. Do you use iMovie G-Man?
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When is Killraven coming out?  Sounds cool.  I like the idea of a future story that is more than just a What If thing, where future Avengers and future X-Men are reoccurring.  Sounds fun.

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I do not consider myself a huge Rob Liefeld fan, but I think he's gotten a bad rap over the years.  When he says his "head exploded twenty years ago," that's the truth.  He has a lot of characters out there that he has created.  I'm glad to see things turning around for him now. 


I think you've got two things working, in that video clip being similar to the CV interview: 1) When you're being interviewed all the time, different interviewers often ask you the same questions as previous interviewers, so you give the same answers, and it can start to sound scripted.  2) When the answer is the same time after time, you're very likely hearing the truth. 
I liked both interviews.