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I wish DC would do a new Direct to DVD/BD Batman Beyond movie. Terry McGinnis is my third favorite DC character after Tim Drake and Hal Jordan. Dana and Terry aren't together anymore? Wow, that's a complete change from what's recently transpired in the comics.

As much as I have been liking the digital to print stuff I wish we still had a full Batman Beyond book without the other stuff. Even with as good as it is it stills feels like filler to me. I'd gladly buy separate books for each of those properties opposed to limiting the stories we get for all of them.

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Greatest Saturday morning kid show theme EVER!!

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FINALLY the Batman Beyond I want to read!

I had a problems with the series thus far. Maybe it was mixing too much with current continuity, but it hasn't really felt like the Batman Beyond that I loved. I'm also not fond of the art. It just never looked like Batman Beyond to me. The Hush mini before this series was great though.

Higgins seems to be bringing me what I was missing. Pretty excited for this. And I'm glad he cleared up the continuity by saying it is the animated series continuity.

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The hunter character Kyle couldn't think of is "Stalker." I loved that show. (So did he, apparently) The fact that Kyle is writing two of my favorite DC characters makes him that much cooler.

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I would like one of those shirts please

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Is Kyle still writing Nightwing? I hope so. I really like what he's doing with that character.

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@jawshco said:

Is Kyle still writing Nightwing? I hope so. I really like what he's doing with that character.

He definitely is.

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I really enjoy Batman beyond sad to see the creative team leave. 10,000 Clowns arc was dark but not in that gritty over done way.

Too bad about the timeskip. Would loves to see dana/terry/batman in a mary jane/peter/spider-man relationship.

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Batman Beyond is on Netflix now and I started rewatching it after reading this interview. I've noticed there are tons of unexplored holes in the series. Like Society of Assassins was never explored, but there was a cliff-hanging kind of thing at the end of the episode. I'm surprised no one has touched on any of this yet. And if it is also a part in the animated series, there are also holes in that. Almost every villain was destroyed by the end of Justice League Unlimited. I'd like to know what happened after the point. Was there no need for super heroes anymore until this point. I remember the first episode of Batman Beyond when Bruce is still fighting in his old age. Was that because his obsession with Gotham or because it truly needed to be saved? How did this Joker gang come to power without Bruce stopping them? DId it have something to do with the development of the city? I don't know. I just feel like there is so much to explore in continuity and I don't feel like the writers right now are exploring that. They're more exploring the relationship with the characters they know that aren't in the Batman Beyond universe yet.

Anyhow, yeah.

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Beechen Breyfogle was a great team; I hope they land somewhere cool...

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Batman Beyond is not some canon, it is the future of DC.

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Batman Beyond is not some canon, it is the future of DC.

It isn't the future of the DC. It is the future of the DCAU.

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THAT SO COOL!! i cant wait to see what Kyle does for BB

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Higgins is one of my favorite writers, thats whats up

this vid at 15-20 seconds tripped me out

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Kyle's the man! Lockport!

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Higgins on Batman Beyond? Sign me up!