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Definitely one of the most down to earth comic writers I think.

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So...is there a story reason for him having a starfish stuck to the end of that arm, or is it just legitimately defective illustration?

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Seems awesome.

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I've been really unimpressed with Nightwing overall. Maybe things'll get back on track with the next issue/arc.

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I want that shirt.

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I will be picking this up!

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Nightwing #17 was easily one of the better issues of the series and of last month that I read. I really enjoyed that Higgins slowed down to take a look at Dick's struggles in the aftermath of Death of the Family. I'm also happy that Higgins is actually coming through on the intended consequences of DOTF by having Nightwing extricate himself from the rest of the Bat-family. I'm looking forward to the move to Chicago. It should provide for good character development and for Dick to at least come into his own, separate from the rest of the Bats.

Posted by Dark_Guyver

I don't need any convincing to pick up Nightwing. It's an amazing book.

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Not a fan of the Nightwing series. I have no idea why Dick has to go somewhere else and re-establish himself again. He's done it so many times already, in a few differant ways. 1st as Nightwing, then Nightwing in Bludhaven, then as Batman, now Nightwing in............Chicago???? I hate when DC uses real cities. It's so lame.

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The art for #17 sucked I thought.

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one of the best books i pick up

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Awesome guy. Met him for September Zero Month last year and am gonna meet him again in less than nine days for a signing with Snyder, Lobdell, Rapmund and Glass. And Dick is going to Chi-Town? That in itself is intriguing to me aside from the big twist he talks about.

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Kyle Higgins rocks. Nightwing has been on my pull list for awhile.

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His parents has been resurrected as talons!!!!

nah, probably not

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:( im not excited about nightwing at all.

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Cautiously looking forward too the twist, the preview didn't leave me with much confidence of their handling the rest very well.

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Hope his big twist isn't a move to yet another city.

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I have loved the Nightwing series it has become one of my favorite books to read

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I love the Nightwing series I'm so going to pick up issue 18.

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Read the preview and I really didn't like his interaction with Batman. Bruce's son just died, no need to be all pissy snide to the guy. Came off as very immature.

Actually I am pretty disappointed in Nightwing so far. He just isn't a fun character to read about anymore and his stories are so dark and depressing, which doesn't fit his character well. It feels like he has regressed so much in this book under Higgin's pen compared to his time as Batman. Feels like that time never even happened. He doesn't have any friends, so isolated, so much history is gone, the person he was closest to is now dead and I hate, HATE, how it seems like every fight he is in now he loses or gets the absolute shit kicked out of him. I don't get why Nightwing writers feel the need to always do that to him.

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CHICAGO! Maybe I will pick up this book. :)

Posted by havoc1201

This is issue was great, a lot of touching moments of Dick and Damain.

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I love this issue. Great Jon klye.