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Love Kelly Sue DeConnick

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I like DeConnick but this book sounds corny...

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Try reading "Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight" by Alex de Campi. The story in issues 3-4 (Prisonship Antares) also explores the women-in-prison exploitation genre. It's quite a fun read and should give readers an idea what this genre is all about.

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Female prison break sounds fun.

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Definitely trade wait. :D

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I honestly wonder why people are so interested in revivals of old stuff that most people consider very, very poor?

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i have loved everything I have read by her so far.

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Not much or a prison story fan (unless we're talking Walking Dead) but I'll hive it a shot. Pretty Deadly didn't sound like my bag and it's been atop my pull list ever since I read the first issue...

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i was reading this.....


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Will there be transwomen in this prison? It won't be a contemporary feminist piece without transwomen.