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Posted by CoffeeWithBagels

Yeah Shazam kids.

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Should've got the guy from Teen Titans to do Cyborg. In case you doubt me he can do more serious stuff. He played Cyborg in Injustice.

Posted by thebluedragon07

Funny seeing the sandman in this one

Posted by nightwingnerd

Batman looks weird.

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Good god. That has got to be the worst Batman voice ever.

And it looks like his face put on about 15 pounds.

Posted by Ammara420

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@muyjingo said:

Such a horrible story...why would they choose this when there were so many better stories to adapt?

Thomas Wayne as Batman makes no sense....

an elseworld story makes no sense?

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@gerald: This is a different Batman, for this isn't Bruce Wayne, this in fact is Thomas Wayne, for due to the altered timeline, instead of the parents, Bruce was shot instead, followed by grief, Thomas became the Batman, and Martha becomes the Joker. Plus the suit was designed this way in Flashpoint to make him different from Bruce's Batman.

Posted by thebluedragon07

Not real big on Thomas Waynes voice, for he sounds a bit too young for a man his age, for he is suppose to be somewhere in his 50s-60s.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

It's a little bit too much anime-ish for my likings, but I can live with that. Waiting for it.

Posted by latonya11chan

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Posted by Luv_Ta_Luv_Ya

You know instead of this maybe they should be making new season of Young Justice. The shows ending made it look like there was gonna be a season 3 but it never came

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Looks good, they seem little buffer/bulkier then normal but to judge the voice acting on a 30 second clip or so is utterly dumb.

You can't judge something like that off clip of a scene....

Posted by Homew1949

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Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

Posted by MutieLover

@gerald: This is Thoma Wayne- Bruces' dad as Batman. He is a bit more bitter than traditional Bats and he kills- the eyes let you know that this Batman is "evil".

Posted by thesonofneptune101

This movie is going to be so good . DC has the advantage in animated movies compared to Marvel. While Marvel makes better live-action movies ( DC's only exception being "The Man of Steel") .

I can't wait to see Thomas Wayne in action. Now all DC needs to do is make a Animated movie of Battle for The Cowl , KnightFall , or Batman and Son.

Posted by hnades11

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@gerald: That's just what he looks like in flashpoint.

Posted by Arther

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Posted by HolySerpent

Looks good to me sounds good to me

Posted by johnny_blaze

All I see is a bunch of complaining, jeez grow a pair.

Posted by JSAVen

nice Sandman cameo.

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It's already up online


Posted by DeathandGrim

Couldn't get Khary Payton to do Cyborg this time?