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Looked good, but didn't really make 'I have to get this!'.

Posted by Joe Venom

Perfect, the DC animated movies continue to impress me :)

Posted by RedK

Looks awesome.

Posted by The_Martian

Who was the dancing guy?

Posted by Theodore

Looks sweet.

Posted by NightFang
@Nobody said:
"Who was the dancing guy? "
             I think it was a "white" Static.
Posted by thatlad

What happened to Superman wont hit a girl???

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@thatlad said:

"What happened to Superman wont hit a girl??? "

             That rule goe's out the window when they hit him 1st.
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Superman hits women and mexicans!
juuust kidding.
This movie looks awesome!
(not because of the women/mexican hitting thing)

Posted by Mighty_Destroyer
haha thanks for the laugh (ps im mexican)
also did they change the coked out earth 2 flash character?
Posted by Crymsun
I think the dancing kid is Vibe, from the JLA Detroit era.
Posted by The_MVPs
@Crymsun said:
" @Nobody: I think the dancing kid is Vibe, from the JLA Detroit era. "
Good call. Makes sense. I cant wait too see this.
Posted by texasdeathmatch

It looks alright, but I've already made the mistake of buying one of these movies (Superman vs Doomsday UGH), and was disappointed to say the least. Though I did appreciate the scene where Superman TRIES TO CURE CANCER. 
Then again, Public Enemies was right on the spot with the comic, so who knows? I wonder what the demographic for who buys these movies, I can't see kids getting into this noise anymore.

Posted by jayshaw

Superman hits babies too.

Posted by ClockworkDrago

was that chesire with the sai's or whatever

Posted by thatlad

Seen it in full now, i'd definitely recommend it. Good take on crisis, no messing round it gets right into the story. I thought Owlman's motivations were a bit off but then with his last phrase it hit me. Him being the opposite of Bruce mean's he doesn't care about anything so I suppose that gives him motivation enough,,,,in some strange logical nonsense?!?!? haha