Posted by NightFang

Can't wait to buy this movie.

Posted by phoenixcarlisle

That clip alone has me sold, does anyone know if BestBuy will have the DVD edition that comes with a action figure?
Posted by lakilakester

is any body gonne save the flash :(
Posted by THEBlaqueBasterd
@lakilakester:  iSht... was so caught up with Diana...actually forgot about him ¬_¬
Posted by lakilakester

poor wally or bart or barry
Posted by Jake Fury

How is Owlman matching Diana in the strength department?
Posted by rightprice
@Jake Fury:
I think I heard hydrolic sounds when Owlman was holding her arms, so maybe he's wearing powered armor.
Posted by Saratine

This movie is so awesome. 
it's been on tv shack for about two weeks for free!

Let's just say Owlman's more than just a little off his rocker.

Posted by spartanmusashi

Great time for animated comic movies. Planet Hulk was awesome and this one should be amazing.

Posted by Darth-Spidey

"Get off my plane"