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A silent issue of Torque going to the bathroom? That's worthy of an annual sized issue.

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@k4tzm4n: I love that I've never met Joshua before and we could just go off on a tangent about characters going to the bathroom.

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I read in trade so I'm really anticipating the second trade to catch up.

As a fan of Bloodshot since #1 I can say I was skeptical of any Valiant title comming close to making me smile like Bloodshot.

I took @k4tzm4n suggestion and Picked up the first trade of Harbinger. Holy crap that book was great, I immediatley took a liking to the vibe of the book, even better was an excellent story that kept me on the edge of my seat. WIth Harbinger Wars fast approaching I wont get a chance to read the second trade before the event, but I know I will be picking up the 2nd trade by Dysart on Harbinger. Its really good stuff. Harbinger wars is going to be great!

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Josh was a super cool guy at wondercon! I've been enjoying Harbinger for the past few months now and can't wait for Harbinger Wars. and the bathroom discussion was hilarious

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Great guy! Great interview!

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I really need to buy the first trade of Harbinger, i loved the first issue. My favourite first issue out of all the Valiant #1s.

Probably the best interview i've watched so far :'D What was up with that little tune by Josh at the end ahahahaha.

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Valiant run these streets

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Dysart's awesome. The fun thing about him other than his role he's going to be doing in penning the Harbinger Wars is that he announced at the Valiant Panel at Wonder Con that he is going to be working exclusively for the company. This will make Dysart the first exclusive writer for Valiant since it came back on the scene. Amazing stuff ahead from Valiant I tell you, people!