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Never saw this one!!!  
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Hurley is my favorite. How did no one ever see this?

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That was such a good interview. I love lost. Its my favourite tv show apart from 24. I bet ill cry when it finishes lol. I loved it when Jorge asked a question. =P
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G-man this interview rocks!!!! apart from movies and sports, the ONLY time I'll seat to watch something on tv is Lost, Jorge is such a down to earth person, seem like one of your buddies, and the same with his character, kool guy you don't see a problem hanging out with!!! thanx for that man!
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@sora_thekey said:
" Never saw this one!!!  Cool! "
             Yeah me either. 
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lol legends unite.

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This guy is great.
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the best!

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dang!@! you are lucky1!! I wanna meet hurley!