Posted by sora_thekey

Oh My God! 
I'm changing my name to Joe Manson! 
Totally getting this book!
Posted by inferiorego

I loved this book. It was short, but only $1. I'm so excited for the next issue.

Posted by JackAs

I was a little disappointed with the first issue, or at least, the execution of how he landed in another world. But overall, the concept seems pretty damn interesting.

Posted by iLLituracy

I enjoyed this book. I'm curious as to where it's going, but the art alone is gorgeous.

Posted by Vortex13

I was already planing to get this, given the previews that I read in the other vertigo title I get, because it look intriguing and original. The thing I really like about what vertigo is doing lately is they are making the first issue of all their new titles $1, which will hopefully coax new readers to a kind of comic that isn't your typical hero fight evil. I still read those comics but they don't compare to the depth of other kinds of comics.

Posted by G-Man

I loved how they could have "Batman" in it.

Edited by Roechi

I was somehow looking forward to this, so I picked it up few days ago and started reading. 
Yeah, the art is awesome. Pastel tones in color and damn sharp lines. Quite unique style. Love it. 
And the story caught me right at the point of Joe relaxing next to his fathers grave, saying:"Hey Dad. You suck." 
Awesome moment on that double page. 
It's great how Morrison and Murphy draw this picture of a boy that is oh so lonely, living in this huge empty ghost house, talking to his rat, having all these toys and this imaginated world he flees into, taking it for real.  
 Loved it! 
Can't wait to get the next issue. 
And yeah it's only a dollar, so pick it up, you wont regret.

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The best comics you will find have both the artist and writer telling the story. If both aren't trying to do that then there is something wrong.
The price does really encourage at the very least giving it a shot. You don't have much to lose and you could actually enjoy the story.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

I'm excited to see where this is going over the next seven issues, I enjoyed the issue but my only complaint is that all of the "action" of the issue essentially happened in the preview already so I wish I hadn't read that first, but it's only $1 sooooo...it was worth it

Posted by -The Dark Knight-
@G-Man: BATMAN? how could they have batman? :s
Posted by JackAs

They have both Batman & Robin. Including a plethora of others in it. Including weird transformers.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

Yup, good choice G-man. Also can you really quibble over a $1 book?

Posted by danhimself

I enjoyed this but I don't think it should have been the first issue it seemed more like a 1/2

Posted by G-Man
@-The Dark Knight-: Well it's Grant Morrison writing and DC and Vertigo are owned by the same people... 
@Dr. Detfink: Exactly.  What else could someone spend a dollar on? A candy bar?  Something off the dollar menu at McDonalds?  At least buying/reading this comic isn't bad for your health.
Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man: Just one question....
Why did you rate it a 4 out of 5?... What didn't allow the book to get a full 5?
Posted by Sylar0

I actually liked this comic it was very good, and also loved the art it did have some good art work not the best but it was pretty good.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

I actually want to pick this up now...ONLY $1 thats a hagule LOL.I love this character,he remins me of myself:Sketch all the time,get picked on,wish one of my drawing can come to life and kick there @ss's ...you know the normal stuff ^^_^

Posted by TheBug

Hope my store isn't out of it.
Posted by aztek_the_lost

the title always reminds me of this show... now I have the theme song in my head

Posted by kukheart

I liked this issue, looking forward to seeing where it goes, I believe in Morrison and the art work was better than I was planning as I'm not familiar with Murphy.    

Posted by Fleonix

This first issue confused me, I didn't quite get it, but it's okay because its the first issue and I am going to pick up issue #2.

Posted by drawme

I might spend my money on this one. Sounds decent to me.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

That was a very accurate, and fair review. You always post the best reviews, G-Man.
Posted by G-Man
 Issue #2 will determine how this series goes.  It seems really cool and I hope it will be. 

@Illyana Rasputin:  
Thank you so much for the kind words.
Posted by Argentino_18

It seems cool

Posted by -The Dark Knight-
@G-Man: ooh... wow that would be AWSOME :O im hoping to find it at my comic store this week thanks for the review AWSOME JOB!!  i really look forward to your reviews xD
Posted by Chane

Is it ongoing or a mini?

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@Chane said:
" Is it ongoing or a mini? "
8-issue limited series
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

"What's going on here?!"

Posted by grifter78

Ok, G-man.  I was at the comic shop today and I saw this issue and all I kept hearing was you reminding me it's only a dollar (like some Obi-Wan ghost floating near me).  ;p 
Anyway, it was a great little read and Sean Murphy's art is incredible in the issue.  I'm also glad that it's just an 8 issue series.  Deciding whether or not to commit to an ongoing now-a-days gets a little harder as my pocketbook will attest to.
Posted by Media_Master

I'll check it out.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

i always forget to appreciate the art

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

As a fellow Diabetic I loved this book

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

I was directed towards it in my local shop, just read it and really enjoyed it gonna pick up the next one.

Posted by jakob187

I hadn't seen this review before, and then I was at the comic store picking up some stuff and saw this just cold-chillin' on the Vertigo rack.  When I saw the "$1.00" part, I figured "no reason to leave it sitting there". 
Still haven't gotten to read it, though, as I've been massively backed up on my reads.  I'll definitely be checking it out soon though, and I'm glad I found this video.