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Posted by Mask of Tengu

Wow you asked him about the threesome! You are ballsy! Proud of you Babs!
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Babs, comics, Bloomingdales...kind of goes together yes?
I love Cry For Justice. It's a throwback to Silver Age comics. 
Every one is entitled to their opinions, I didn't go ape shit at the threesome scene because a cocky fighter pilot like Hal Jordan has always been a skirt chaser. I thought the characterization of Ollie and Hal were spot on even if you didn't like it. Second, threesomes are not a big deal any more. I'm 35 and sure, maybe when I was growing up that had a bit of negative connotation. Today, with shows like Sex and the City it's more like  expression and experimentation. 
I think people are overlooking Robinson's reintegration of Starman (Mikaal Tomas) who is an openly gay character. The death of his lover is handled well and only Judd Winick can dream of writing a gay character this well.

Posted by LastSon1027

Fantastic Interview Babs! I for one have loved every single bit of Robinsons run on Superman.

Posted by Sandbox24

Wow. Robinson likes his drink.  
Really glad he's back to writing The Shade, such a great character.