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Did James lure you in to the basement with candy?

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@g_man: haha very true.The first issue of The Saviors was pretty excellent, looking forward to the next #2 also the Lovecraftian next arc sounds great.

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F%cking loved the first issue, total john carpenter/invasion of the body snatchers vibe

Really sad he left E2 but this makes up for it!

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Saviors #1 was a lot of fun. The J. Bone art is a really good fit too.

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Glad to see James is busy after leaving DC!

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Very happy to see James Robinson doing an interview but more importantly, working on a title. When funds allow, would like to catch up on his work, among others I want to check out.

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I am pretty excited for quite a bit of James' Marvel work coming out, though I am looking forward to Invaders NOW the most. I added The Saviors to my pulls so hoping to get into it soon.

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