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Superman Beyond is fantastic, thanks to Krul. That and Smallville have been the best Superman titles DC could offer since the new 52 but they aren't in the main continuity....

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I remember this guy working on Green Arrow for the new 52. It was atrocious.

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To be honest his Green Arrow pre New 52 was pretty atrocious too. I've heard great things about Superman Beyond though.

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His New 52 GA was the brief moment it held any interest for me.

Miss his Teen Titans though :(

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Really liking Soulfire right now, but I wish release dates would sooner.

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JT Krul, wickedly awesome and cool guy! I was at the booth chatting him up for awhile and if you look closely, he is wearing his LA Kings jersey, which he promised he'd wear for me if I showed up to the Aspen Panel the next day, which I did! I love Aspen's one dollar ten for ten thing going on right now.