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not bad, look forward to watching it.

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that looks awesome
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that looked killer.  Impressive
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it looks better than most of the motion comics. is anyone else not a fan of motion comics at all?

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I'm not a huge fan, they just look to cheesy to me (especially Astonishing X-men) this one doesn't look THAT bad, but still...

Posted by ironshadow

It looks like CGI, awesome.

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Thanks again for the support! It's really great to see people getting excited for the Extremis motion comic, which is music to my ears as the producer on the project! And it shows in the sales on itunes, PSN, and Xbox Live...please keep up the support.



Ruwan, one of the dudes @ Marvel.    

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Nice!  I would watch these for sure over panels that just glide across a screen...yuck...

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WOh, That Was Wicked

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I like these a lot, but I wish they would stick with just using animated stills, the CGI models and anmiation was crappy, and would have been crappy 10 years ago.