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Posted by Powerzone789

this kinda reminds me of marvel nemesis rise of the imperfects...but even better, this looks sick

Posted by CitizenJP


Posted by Adnan

Is it just me or do the graphics look kinda dated? The actual level of detail is pretty great but it still "looks old" for some reason (atleast to me) Not too big a problem, graphics don't make a game I guess.

Posted by aconrad777

i want a representative of each lantern corp in here if possible so hal jordan, atrocitus, sinestro, carol ferris, saint walker, larfleeze, indigo, and maybe even nekron. maybe a white lantern alt skin for hal and sinestro

Posted by GLforHIRE

Its got a Killer Instinct vibe with the combo style

Posted by Ganthetsward20

@aconrad777: Lanterns?! very cool idea. I would love to see something like that too!

Posted by LaithemC

Regardless of the 4 ,possibly six, batman characters (assuming the Joker and Catwoman rumors are true) i think it needs Poison Ivy.

Posted by DMC

huh.....looks like DC got it right this time around ^_^

I'll definitely play it but will I buy it?

Posted by Omega-Man


Yes he is but I said GOTHAM villain not BATMAN villain theres a difference between Gotham and Batman. Alan Scott used to be in Gotham if I remember rightly.

Posted by Gambit1024

Me watching the trailer:

"Uh huh... uh huh... uh huh... O_O Batman just hit someone with the Batmobile O_O ... Uh huh.... uh huh... Oh, it's Cyborg... Uh huh.. NIGHTWING! :D Uh huh... Flash is such a badass..."

Posted by LordRequiem

Very MK9, but that's a good thing. I sure hope there's some better characters like Green Lantern. Glad the Flash is there though.

Posted by _Zombie_

Oh this looks good. This looks really good.

Posted by jwalser3

Can't wait for this!

Posted by justice teen

hope donna troy is in it

Posted by CampodelViolin

Martian Manhunter, please!!!

Posted by RoTheKid

I said this yesterday and I'm going to say it again--yeah, this is getting bought! :D

Posted by _Genesis_

Cyborg looks good.

Posted by wildcardcomics

I'm thinking of the DLC:

Teen Titans, JSA, Legion, and various from the Crisis Trilogy. :D

Posted by I'maDC/ImageGuy!

Instant pre-order.

Posted by Outside_85

Hoping there will be more Titans in this.

Posted by Fetts

Deathstroke needs to be in this game.

Posted by YMCMB

Doesn't look too different from MK vs DCU or any other fighting game tbh

Posted by RedOwl_1

@ZombieBigfoot said:

Oh this looks good. This looks really good.

Too good to be real :F I can't wait, but I hope they have very very very good reasons to beat each other sh*t so f*cking badly :D

Posted by ClawFist

I WOULD LOVE To see WARBLADE but I'm sure thats just me howling in the wind lol

Posted by abeyance

@YMCMB: Yeah but Nether Realm is known for putting a lot of extra stuff in their fighting games namely Mortal Kombat. I liked the story line format of the last Mortal Kombat. If I see that crosses over to Injustice I will consider adding it to my game list. One thing I hope hasn't crossed over is repetitive combos from the ai that become easy to read.