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I'm more excited about the Joker skins, I've been practicing past 2 weeks getting ready for the Killing Joke skin pack.

I personally like Joker, Hawkgirl, and Raven. But I'm sure Batgirl is almost as good as Batman on this game. I hope she gets some alt Batgirl skins like Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, etc..

Batman needs a Batwoman skin, that would be cool.

My guess is General Zod will be announced in a few days.

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@ccraft: She has a great anti-spam move, but aside from that I'm not really all that thrilled about the character.

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Playing as her, she is different than Batman in terms of moves (only similarity is batarangs) but in the end she is a great addition to anyone who wants to expand the roster.

She is not a must buy but recommended in my opinion.

Really hoping General Zod and Scorpion are not the other DLCs. Speaking of DLC, hoping we get more characters and skins. Loving that we are getting releases often, come on Netherelms, Captain Atom is waiting!

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This game is D-riding Batman so hard. What about all the other characters in the DCU that would PERFECT for this game?

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@k4tzm4n: Thats cool, need characters like that.

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Love the Red Hood Costume. Does anyone else think it'd be cool if they made some Watchmen heroes for the game?

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still say they picked the wrong bg for this

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Is Red Hood in this game?

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picked her over lobo

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Looks like she could be quite fast like catwoman (great if your a button masher like me) but what will her special moves be like the one shown in this video against batman looks fairly good but that may be the only one.

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Hold on, hold on, wait just one doggone second here... I haven't been bothered to look at this game content since before it was released, but looking at this trailer it seems that this is the DC Universe version of Marvel's Civil War in a video game format...?... am I right?

If so, I am so very disappointed in DC.

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Can't wait to send her to the wheelchair again.

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Yeah, Watchmen DLC would have been fantastic.


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Batgirl is good, love her vortex epic ;)

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Meh, she was boring to play as. And her ending was kinda generic.

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She has a good ending

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A Cass or Steph skin would be pretty neat.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Ironically enough, pretty much the same thing happened to me while playing Battles with Batgirl.

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People actually want to play as Batgirl?????

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I thought some Watchman characters could have worked as well as some of the Wildstorm characters like Grifter, Midnighter, Zealot, Apollo etc.

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Time to buy!

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I rather enjoyed playing as her. She suits me pretty well, I like chain combo characters with "tricky" special attacks that you can link. Those worried that she'd play too much like Bruce/Dick can rest assured that she's definitely got her own style. I'm not so fond of a good bit of the cast being "Batman and his amazing friends" but I can say that as far as that goes they all do play uniquely. My only knock on Babs is that I can already tell that people will be spamming he smoke bomb attack that was ironically created to punish spammers like Superman/Sinestro. No big deal though if you learn the timing/range on it you should be pretty able to cancel it out with a well timed anti aerial attack of block and start off a combo or get a throw in. Liked her ending, hopefully we'll see some Star Lab Missions and some additional costumes in the near future.

PS anybody else find it a bit off when she does that hip swivel during her taunt? Does not match my conception of her character AT ALL, folk.

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Cool cool! Always liked Steph so this will be just another incentive for me.

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I find Batgirl pretty tricky to play as. I do not really like playing as her because I find many of her combos are really easy for anyone to dodge and her reach is not all that great.

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Dr fate for dlc!

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damn pass downloaded her to my console automatically when i downloaded the skins pack.......

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Batgirl let me down. She is just nor fun to play as.