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great review
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Good review. I agree that Banner is becoming even more interesting here, and the Red Hulk mystery (to me at least) is captivating. 

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The mystery of the Red Hulk's identity doesn't bother me. Sometimes not knowing can be more fun, but it does need to be answered at some point. Especially after Domino followed that person and saw the change.
You can only tease for so long. I think it will just be fun to discover if my theory is right.

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great review - for me , i was a lil sour that it wasnt banner on the cover , but they made it up to me with showing the watcher at that moment for banner ... i think that confirmed for me what role betty plays in this ....cant wait till red hulk 1 on tomorrow . Love this story line and hope the red hulk is here to stay 

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one of best issues so far the story just keeps getting better.......now say my name!

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Liked the issue a lot, but to rate it higher than an excellent issue like Joe the barbarian?! 

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Love character development.

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@Sunrise: Different kinds of comics in my opinion.  This one had loads of plot elements, characters, great art, etc.  I liked Joe and want to really like it but besides the great art there, a whole lot didn't happen.  That series could be either really good or it turn out to be weak.  We'll have to see in the next issue.  
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Did you read Hulk #19? Because, i think, with the same mission Pak coped better than Loeb

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I agree such an amazing issue but still dont like the other hulk ones just this title which is my most favorite and I enjoy it alot because I am a fan of the green hulks more. The she hulk backup here was even better than ever and like the new costume of red she hulk because it is more sexy but My major concern with this issue is that I really hope she hulk is not dead so I really hope she is not cause I am a big fan of hers.

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you sure like Hulk don't you?  Seems like you do reviews on Hulk more then anything else.  That's great, keep the Hulk coming.
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I didn't like the issue at all .

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I liked the issue in general but there were elements I didn't like.Again Dr Doom gets duped and i thought they said that they were finished doing that.I know he is a villain and he has to lose sometimes but hopefully he fairs better in Doomwar.Anyway aside from that the art was great and the story was good so it definitely deserves the rating you gave it.Can't wait for more.

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I'm liking the whole aliance with Banner and the Red Hulk this issue was very good.

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Great review. Great Issue. I'm really digging the Fall of the Hulks storyline and this one didn't skip a beat.

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This was a great issue, i just didn't like that Marvel was toting this as 'the green goliath vs. Doom' when it wasn't Hulk at all. I'm really loving the character development that Pak's writing/overseeing can bring to this character.
@timrothsays said:

" Did you read Hulk #19? Because, i think, with the same mission Pak coped better than Loeb "

Amen. That's why i see this Red Hulk thing going sour sooner than later. He's just not a good storyteller within the 23-30 page limit (if at all). I'm sure he could make an interesting graphic novel, albeit lacking depth i'm sure.
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@FoxxFireArt: Jeph Loeb did say we'd definitely be finding out who Red Hulk during Fall Of The Hulks when I interviewed him last October.
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@G-Man: agreed, different type of comic, but where Joe oozes artistry (an intricate set-up with the hypo/reality-fantasy and the promise that all the parts of the house (attention to detail!) will be explored in the next comics), Incredible Hulk was a good superhero comic. Nothing more, nothing less. Love what Pak is doing with the character of Bruce Banner, but compare earlier issues of the Hulk books with this Red Hulk and you have to admit that the character development of Red Hulk was not handled very well.   
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That's right. I even watched that interview back in October.

Well, here's hoping that knowing is better then not.
very good book, and review. i agree and was thinking just about everything you were...except the Red Hulk identity
thing, but thats for another comic. especially about liking having Bruce shown off for awhile. alot of
people where upset by Hulk being absent, but he's not. Bruce is another form, like Profess or Banner Hulk, ect.
suggests this book to anyone really. lots of fun and its shaping up nice. so is Loebs book.
on the topic of Red Hulk. i dont mind it at all, and i like Red Hulk. what i just dont actually care about is his
identity nor the mystery of that. i care about his character and his interactions, and character development
which Loeb has shown alot of on that. i also like this whole Intelligencia (did it without misspell, bows)
on the subject of She-Hulk

on the subject of Doom getting jipped mentioned in this thread
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on the subject of Doom getting jipped mentioned in this thread
i dont feel that way. ive seen characters jobbed, but this wasnt it. aside from having Banner and Skaar
to contend with the Hulk-bot, which is a major beast!!! and i loved the way Banner actually defeat him.
thats an honorable loss. though i got to add things like this are why i feel for Doom. how many times has
someone just waltz into the mans house, started trashing everything (or blew it up or his country?)?
i mean come on, heroes they may be, but doesnt anyone think they may be racist...towards Latverians?
what would you do if you were Doom? youd almost have to at least try something to keep them in check,
because history has already shown you that they will be coming back to trash the place again, so if not
for your own sake, but at least for the safety of the people who worship you like your a God. cant say i ever
blame Doom for his actions. its not like he's blowing up their houses.
good point, he is alot like the hulk it seems like for the most part he just wants to be left alone (of course until he feels he needs more control and more power over every being in the known and unknown universes
thanks, and well, you know, guy has to have goals. why shoot for anything less than the top?
Dooms just a hard worker and a go-getter.
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Best 'event' going on at the moment, Loved this one.

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@Omega Ray Jay said:
"Best 'event' going on at the moment, Loved this one. "

agreed, i still cant wait till the next comes out. Im more excited about Skaar tho
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How about the leader getting some revenge on a double crosser.