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awesome new premium perk

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that must be a magical horse

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Look at my horse, my horse is amazing (it can carry the Hulk?)

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I don't know which was funnier, the comic book with Hulk saying, "Up yours and the horse you rode in on", or G-Man trying to keep a straight face while reading and showing the comic. I laughed quite a bit.

It makes sense for characters like Zorro, The Lone Ranger, and The Phantom to use horses. Having Hulk on a horse, though doesn't make any horse sense, even if it is Nightmare's steed. I also like it when Batman rides a horse, I don't know why.

Horses are awesome by the way. I was mesmerized by the cowboys and their horses when I worked on a cattle feed lot many years ago; you'd be surprised at the dexterity and supine way they can move with the right person. That's awesome you have your daughter taking lessons, G-Man, pretty cool.

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@Decept-O: She's been riding since she was five. It's very impressive, I have to admit. I was also cracking up while editing the video. I knew what I was gonna talk about but I don't know why it still came across as so absurd.

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That horse would have to be huge, there is no way you could even find a horse big enough for hulk to ride on. I could get behind the hulk riding a dragon as that would be pretty awesome. Though actually that horse could technically be some sort of mystical special horse but it is still pretty dumb. I want to know how many different heroes have rode horses in the past.

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LMAO. I love it when you kind of go off on tangents, like the "no, I gotta watch my weight" comment. Adds a nice sense of humor and candidness to the videos. It's one of the reasons I always loved the Unscripted stuff.

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I never come over to comic vine but for hulk on a horse i made the journey :)

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I'm liking these premium videos, they're pretty funny!

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I NEVER come to comic vine except for videos about comic book movies twice a year but had to come and watch this.

Hulk on a horse!

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funny video, hope to see more of these

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awesome video tony, this is the type of enthusiasm that you should have during a video

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I showed my daughter the video (both horses were hers, obviously). When she saw the video image she said, "Willow! Hulk's going to hurt her back. You put Hulk on Willow?" But she was laughing during the video.

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@G-Man: As always: Your daughter is ADORABLE.

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I need a horse

good video though, hulk riding away into the sunset made me laugh.

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I chuckled. Nice stuff.

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awesome video tony, it's nice to see you having some fun

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Nice one G-man :)

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Watched this just now, hilarious!

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@G-Man: I just watched Poltergeist for the first time in a long time. When I saw the following scene, it immediately reminded me of this video and made me chuckle. Check out eighteen seconds in.

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@strangeling: That is freakin' insane! I had no idea! Totally forgot about that (as it's been way too many years since I've seen the movie).