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So many more Nightwings than I thought excisted.


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i am from the future you were right ooooooooooooooooo

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G-man makes  Tim Drake sound so LAME!
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Hey, G-Man, you called 'em both.  Good job.  I think it was kind of obvious, but they threw in enough candidates to make it not guaranteed.  I kept hoping for a last minute surprise of Oliver Queen becoming Batman.  Yeah, he'd have to shave the goatee and mustache, but he had all the qualifications for it.  Bats had his utility belt, with every gadget at the right time.  Ollie had his quiver with the right arrow at all times.  Bats had his Batcave, Batmobile and Batplane.  Green Arrow had his Arrowcave, Arrowcar and Arrowplane. 
When he came back from the dead, Batman knocked him out and took him for a few tests to prove whether he was really Ollie or not.  Oliver was going on about how the Batplane reminded him of his Arrowplane, Arrowcave and all that, and Batman says, "Did you ever have an original thought?"  It kind of made Green Arrow out to be a doofus for copying, but my thought on the matter was, "Why reinvent the wheel?"  Batman has a good formula for fighting crime - why not copy it?  I see it as kind of the same thing as when Wendy's got started.  Dave Thomas said, "I don't need no stinkin' research department.  McDonald's already has the best research department in the industry.  Find me a McDonald's, and we're going to build a Wendy's right across the street." 
Like Bruce Wayne, Ollie's a businessman (or he was when he got started), and I've got to think that he's going to think like a businessman.  That is: you see a formula that sells, then you copy it so you can sell too.  He just applied that idea to crimefighting.  So I think he would have made the perfect stand-in for Batman - especially since Dick didn't seem willing to do it.  If Dick's not going to do it, then put someone in there that has experience and a proven track record.  Who better than Ollie?  Tim's not old enough or experienced enough, and Jason Todd's a hoodlum.  Ted Kord was dead at this point, and his manner's not dark enough for Batman anyway.  Outside of Dick, I think Ollie would have been a great candidate.