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Still a lot of the aftermath th BMD needing an explantions.
One thing I sort of like is That Marvel made the choice to write certain thing out of continuity but unlike DC's annaul retcon the characters remember it and it seems there will be explanations beyond simply "it's not like that any more".
Cool T' shirt by the way G-man.
"I make stuff up"

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I didn't see the point of erasing the unmasking.  Spider-Man and Daredevil both have had fake unmaskings over the years, so for a true unmasking to happen was monumental.  House of M had already hinted at what it would be like for Spidey to be publicly known as Peter Parker - he's famous, well-liked, has movie rolls, and has marketed his web shooters as non-lethal weapons for police enforcement.  I think they had the perfect opportunity to seize the best of both worlds, and trashed it.  In the real Marvel U, there are consequences to his unmasking, like Jonah's flipping out and firiing him (the lawsuit thing didn't make sense to me - so Peter filmed himself.  Big deal.  Jameson wanted photos, and Pete had 'em.  That's opportunistic on Pete's part, but it's not fraud).  There's also villains who might want revenge.  I don't see a problem. 
You do that stuff, but then you start to turn it around.  You have to remember that Pete's fought a lot of battles, and had the backs of a lot of superheroes over the years.  Now that he's unmasked, when someone comes after his family, the superhero community makes a statement.  Every time someone comes after May or MJ, a different hero or team of heroes is there to kick that villain's can around the block a few times.  Eventually, the message is clear: leave the families out of it, because we will crush you. 
From there, now that he's out of a job and everyone knows who he is, what does he do?  From his perspective, Tony Stark owes him a huge favor, even if he did switch sides in Civil War.  Stark finances the manufacture of the web shooters as a non-lethal alternative for police departments.  So now, in the real Marvel U, we would've had an element from House of M.  Pete rolls around in his money for awhile, maybe he does get a movie role or so, and if Marvel decided they wanted to throw Pete back into the poor house, they could make Tony Stark be the badguy again, and say something like, "You should have read the fine print, Peter.  After a year, all rights revert to Stark Enterprises.  Did you think I was going to finance these weapons for free?  You got your cut for the development.  Now, they belong to me."  Bam, Pete's back to the poor house, but still publicly known.  If that was a real problem, he could switch to any of the four identities from Spider-Man: Identity Crisis.  OR, a convenient clone could show up again, and Peter and Spider-Man are seen together, and the public stops believing he's Spider-Man... Marvel could have gone several different directions than the "psychic blindspot" thing.

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that part was funny at the end lol!!!