Posted by thanosrules

lol. My wife bought me one of these as a surprise gift... It was Reed Richards with a ray gun (series 3 maybe?)

At least they are cheaper than Tokidokis! :)

Here is Reed, about to get his but kicked by Doctor Doom... at least Silver Surfer and Iron Man are there to help out... but which side are they on today? :) (those three are from the "Playskool Heroes" collection)

Posted by bones360uk

I've picked up spiderman,iron man,venom and wolverine

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That face.....that INTRO.......that fast forward assembly.....I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I may well pick up one or two of these toys. Most blind-box miniatures I have seen are more expensive than $3.

Posted by xerox_kitty

They're just like the Doctor Who figures from Character Building :) although considering the exchange rate, they're cheaper in the US :(