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Posted by DuderMcBrohan

That may be the best name for a snack ever.

Posted by inferiorego

@DuderMcBrohan said:

That may be the best name for a snack ever.

You wanna come over this weekend and chow down on some GloBalls?

Posted by Sparklykiss

Oh gosh, this is fantastic!

Posted by Mandrewgora

wonder if they had a harder time eating the glo balls or watching the movie.

Posted by strangeling

I could totally eat all those and survive. I've built up an immunity over the years.

I especially like them 'Balls!

Posted by Mercy_

My life has been made better because of this.

Posted by UpUpAndAway

The picture used for this video is my desktop background!! :)

Posted by gonzotgreat23

Isn't this just another name for what the Japanese men near Fukushima have now? Glo balls?

Posted by MrMazz

the marshmellow is what killed my interest

Edited by Xenozoic Shaman

Are these from pre or post Parallax Hal Jordan?  I wouldn't want impure balls.

Posted by EisforExtinction

Andy is the real hero here. Guy just scarfs 'em down.

Posted by notoriousbcb

Forget Ben & Jerry's Schweaty Balls. . .make mine Hostess Glo Balls! 'Nuff said.

Posted by inferiorego

@Xenozoic Shaman said:

Are these from pre or post Parallax Hal Jordan? I wouldn't want impure balls.

I tasted fear.

Posted by jloneblackheart

Like any normal person, except marketing executives, you can't say 'Glo Balls' with a straight face.

Posted by thveej

Flash fact : Green lantern's Glo Balls contain 200% of your daily protein intake

Posted by ZombiePie

I enjoy Sno Balls.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I like the color coordination with the balls. Also, glad I immediately also thought that Flash would like the high sugar content for his energy needs.

Posted by Jolt92

I'd eat some GloBalls.

Posted by Chemin


Posted by Christina

You are brave brave men!