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" Epic. "
What you said!     
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The movie will be fantastic

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looking foward to this

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I did some quick math and this looks ... technically ... 4,882 times better then the movie does.  Just when you think it can't get any better then Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan ... along comes Roddy Piper as Bolphunga.

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The great crisis, where the guardians referring to the Crisis on the Infinite Earths?

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looks great!!

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Gl is taking over!
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I love the DC animated series.  I'll admit I was just so-so with Green Lantern: First Flight (felt way too short) but like all comic animated series, I can't wait to pick this up.

Funny thing is I'm actually more excited about this than the Green Lantern movie starring a Will Ferrell look alike with his Hulk toes and lovehandles.




^ Yeah that's Will Ferrell alright.

Hulk Lantern Smash! 

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What's the release date ?

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That girl's outfit/costume reminded me of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi. 

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I love Arisia, her and Kilowog are my favorite Green Lanterns. Though I sort of hope this isn't an anthology of stories but an actual full story from beginning to end.

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Awesome !!!!

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sad that this looks 20x better than that live action pile...

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Hal pedo moment maybe?

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Is this in the same continuity as First Flight? Because Sinestro is still a greenie here...
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@The Average Bear said:
" Is this in the same continuity as First Flight? Because Sinestro is still a greenie here... "
it has to be different
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Huh, Arisia's hair looks a little Daxamite-ish here.  Not that I mind, this looks great!

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That was a great clip 

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I keep getting that creepy feeling when seeing Arisia and Hal lol

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Never saw First Flight, nor am I the biggest follower of Green Lantern, but this looks great.

And hey, DC Animated!!
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I don't know, Arisia doesn't look at young to me here, and heck Elisabeth Moss is almost my age.  Not sure why others are getting a creepy feeling from Hal.

But yeah I'm looking forward to this, much more so than the Live Action film, which is sad as much as I want the film to work I think it'll flop.  Reynolds would have been better suited as Wally West in my opinion.
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1) stop asking you such nerdy question

2) Woah! That animation looks great^^

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Krona, don't go sending Shadow Demons! Bad scorned, little blue alien! Bad Bad Bad! Hahaha. But yeah, I'd definitely rent this

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Wait....Krona sent the shadow demons? Shadow Demons are the army to the Anti monitor....

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that is good clip of Arisia appearing in there.

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looking good
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I love Arisia, is my favorite green lantern (female), the movie looks great!!!! :D

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I love Arisia, is my favorite green lantern (female), the movie looks great!!!! :D
Me too. I think this is a show though.