Posted by NXH

How long do we have to look at that cover for?

Posted by GamiSB

That cover is sick, so they can put it on whatever they like.

Posted by Eyz

I'm actually pretty intrigued by this one.

Posted by Karlails

Excuse me, but that cover is kinda mediocre, I really hope that is not what he's gonna be wearing. A t-shirt, boots and patched jeans, really? Maybe it's just my disappointment (about restarting series that has been going on for more than 70 years(could have at least let it reach 1000th issue)) speaking.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

New Twist: Clark marrys Jimmy.

Posted by grbear

Is it just me or does that dude in the covers head seem too small for his body?

Posted by Zaber
ugh! its boring! 
Posted by davidgrantlloyd

Definitely looking forward to checking this out!

Posted by ZaberCat

intriguing video.

Posted by inferi22

All-Star Superman part 2