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This should be a animated series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.

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hehe Greg Cipes is always pleasant to listen too. 
When Bats and Joker come back from their vacation, they're gonna be PISSED.......

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Nice! Is this part of that DC Nation thing? If so, looking forward to seeing the other shorts they're putting out.

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This game is so odd. Not sure how I feel about it

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I do not really like the art for the short

Posted by KRYPTON

The artwork/animation was outstanding, this was an interesting skit.

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This is awesome. It's still weird thinking that this is actually Batman related, but it is all good fun none the less.

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I love Greg Cipes. Makes me want to play Arkham right now.

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Reminds me so much of the old Sheep dog/Wolf cartoons where the sheep dog and wolf punch in and do their "jobs"

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The Joker Guy has terrible aim

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Awww I like it, even if its a little blocky. Hilarious stuff :)

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That was funny...

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@Darkus_99 said:

That was funny...
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wtf did  I just watch?
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this game looks bad and the people who made it should feel bad.

Posted by Cirdain

That was pretty fucking good.

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Not awaiting this title...at all. but this was pretty okay! :)

Posted by doublezeroduck

Looks like BRUTE lite.

Posted by ErikMcAlister

Batman's voice is a little too Drew Carey show.

Posted by monitor_earthprime

From what I saw of the DC Nation clip, this is part of it. I do not know just how much but it was shown.

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