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"Back in 1993, I was a man."  Hilarious. 
I always really like these garage reviews.  It's a shame this issue didn't hold up as well as past ones, but it still looked like a decent little re-telling of Wonder Woman's origin. 
Good job, G-Man.

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great aside from the pronounciation: 
Heracles (He-Ra-Clees) 
Hypolyte (Hy-Pol-Ly-Ta)

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i wonder what babs thinks about this review from the garage...? about her beloved wonder woman... i say she sneaks into gman garage and does some reviews of her own. =D

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Hey G-man show us your toys and posters collection

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Yea, I've noticed G-man and babs pronounce alot of comic book names weirdly.... 
At least different to the way I do....
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Best WW cover ever!

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i so want this issue! it has my favorite Cover ever!
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@Gokujam said:
" @GothamRed: Yea, I've noticed G-man and babs pronounce alot of comic book names weirdly.... At least different to the way I do.... "
In my alternate reality, that's how they're all pronounced.
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"G-world"?? Ahhhhh,Where comics still cost a buck, they're never late, Jim Lee and Todd Macfarlane draw monthly books and Jack Kirby's still alive doing the FF with Stan Lee.... 
Where's a cosmic treadmill when you need one?
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lol, you made me laugh through this review,
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Her face isn't jus pudgy, it's manly.  In other spots, she looks like an old hag.

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G-Man, what do you think of Wonder Woman's current costume? The modern-day look doesn't suit her since she's an Amazonian.
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I did skip over WW in the 90's prob cause I didn't want to seem like a perv for buying it. what I read now though- Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Gotham City Sirens, She Hulk (when it was in print). I've gotten over it. thanks for the review I'm off to find it now.

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@The Impersonator: We talked about that last Friday on the Whiskey Media Weekly Live Happy Hour show. I don't mind the new costume. I know it's not permanent. 
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haha i was a man in 1993 too. I think these garage reviews are the best segment you guys do. Keep 'em coming
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Yeah. Holy crap... that art - WW's face is hysterically ugly and pudgy. *LOL*
This was fun, as usual. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.

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Another origin retelling?
She sure had a lot of those in past years :D