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OMG I have this Issue XD, bought it back when CVS was selling comics in  the mid 90's it came in a three pack(3 for $3) with x-factor and teen titans lol Back when I had a single digit age XD

Posted by spawn devil

Another great review, keep up the good work, G-Man!

Posted by MrGutts

I had that one and now I feel old because I know half the user base on this site were not even born when that comic came out. hah

Posted by ImperiousRix

The mind-bending possibilities of alternate realities.   
Good to know even after all this time, some things never change.

Posted by kungnima

''little g-man''..
 Lol xD

Posted by crusader8463

Silly G-Man. I was born in 1986 so that couldn't have been made before that. Everyone knows the world didn't exist before I was born.


Wow he was into it.

Posted by mickoreo_LZ

The 80s were such a different time for comics. If this issue was in the DC Universe the whole alternate reality would have been retconned at least three times and all would have been forgotten
Posted by aouric

Now I regret never picking up that copy when I saw it at the time in the 80's. Great review G-man, 
I'm on a mission now to find this issue!

Posted by cbishop

These garage reviews are cool, G-Man.  They're all bringing up the nostlagia for me.  These need their own tab. :)

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I always new Namor was a pompous @hole, but never knew he was a bum.
This story does appear to be more introspective.

Posted by fedspaz

I love these garage reviews... keep it up!

Posted by aloe vera

"say whaaat?"

Posted by NawfalQ

LOL did that frame say "Holy Sheep Dip" ??? *LOLOL* I gotta integrate that into my conversation today...

Posted by ddaann1985