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Epic stuff....
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I almost tried to touch it. Way to early in the mourning for me.

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Hasn't Sinestro been killed before this issue? If memory serves he was sentenced to death by the GL Corps back in 1988...Volume 1 #222 right? 

Posted by Koz

Hey g-man nice pick I have this whole series and this was my favorite in the whole vol. if you ever get time check out my reviews I do one every time I read an issue. Again awesome pick.
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ohhh yeahhhhhh

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I love green lantern. When is the next 3 min expert? those are my favorite

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It's issues like these - monumental stuff happening, only to be made completely meaningless later by DC's clean-up specialist Geoff Johns... that make me really resentful of Johns these days.

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@They Killed Cap!:
How much is it worth now in mint condition?
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Should write Hal kills the fake Sinestro
Good story arc though

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I also like gorillaz.

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Oh how I miss Zero Hour.    
Loved those little Green Lantern subtitles G-Man.  Reminds me of O.M.D. from Spider-Man.   
It's funny if you think about it... DC has always been known to write stories like O.M.D. that changes the entire DC Universe landscape all the time, only to later re-write and retcon it back to normal as if nothing ever happened (i.e. anything with the words Crisis or Infinite in their storyline), and the fans (some if not most anyway) are okay with it... kind'a like they're used to it.
Marvel decides to pull that same little stunt on one Spider-Man character and... BAM!  The whole world criticizes them!  Heck, I did too!  But I'm also not a fan of DC's Infinite Crisis books either. 
Posted by Mumbles

glow in the dark was the shit! the best glow cover was the ghost rider issue back around those days

Posted by Luke Danes

I own it. :)

Posted by Retro_Metro
Oooooo, Glow N The Dark!  :o
Posted by emerald_lamp_2814

I have this issue and i loved the fight scene
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This garage stuff gets better every week.  Great job and effort.  I do not have that comic, but I bet back in the day it was a great one.

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This is SOOO crazy...I JUST picked that up today after it has been sitting under my bed because I wanted to read it. I got on here and there is a review for it. I'm creeped out...

Posted by Crimson Eagle

@G-Man: You are not giving away your issue? Not even for a gajillion dollars?
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Have it and love it! The issue just before is my fav of all time tho. Even have it CG graded=] I have like 4 copies of the entire story arc. Hal Jordan pre-Rebirth is my favorite character of all time though so that isn't an extreme number imo...

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Thank good I have this issue... ;-)

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Nice review  
Gorillaz in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love those guys.

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What issues are tied to this? Seems like this is a pretty important chunk of GL mytho and I'd like to pick it up.  
Is that considered GL 2.2 (the second "series" with Hal as the main GL)? There seem to be a couple of issues missing here on the site: GL 2.1 stops at issue 47 then 2.2 starts at 90 so this issue here is nowhere to be found. I'd like to possibly pick up the arc on ebay or something.

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I literally just read this the other day.
Posted by MisterMollusk

I didn't like the idea of parallax. Would have been nice if the blame could have been placed squarely on Hal. DC universe could have had a really complex and interesting character but instead "oh noes i was possessed!"

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Yep I sure have and the only one from that saga so its all safe and sound glowing int the dark with my other comics. 

Posted by goldenkey

did johns just bring Sinestro back, or did he say Hal broke his neck? 
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@Mumbles said:

"...the best glow cover was the ghost rider issue back around those days"

I preferred Radioactive Man #1 - RM with an atomic blast in the background.  Glow-in-the-dark cover reveals RM's skeleton. lol 
@G-Man: I had the original printing of the Emerald Twilight TPB, but did not have #50 itself.  I've since bought the Emerald Twilight /New Dawn TPB.  I wasn't crazy about the change to Hal either, but Kyle's a cool character.  I would've liked it better if (since they went there) Hal had become the new GL villain.  That could have been intense for Kyle. 
You mentioned a question about Hal being the best choice or not for GL.  He wasn't.  Abin Sur's ring found two candidates: Hal and Guy.  Guy was the preferred choice, but he was in a wheelchair at the time, and Hal was closer, so the ring picked Hal.  I think that was a retcon to the origin, but I've always kind of liked that.
Posted by Dark Walker

LOL Fail
That's too bad.
I'm going to try and find that this weekend now.  I don't think I have a single comic with a glow in the dark cover.  :))

Posted by darth bul

i have this issue
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LMAO! "You'll have to do."  Didn't remember THAT in the issue...

Posted by iLLituracy

Aw man...your comic is busted. ):

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Faillll. haha
Nice review man.

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I have GL #49 and #50 but really need #48 so I can have the whole 3 parter.

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i like this reviews from the garage takes me back to the days i really started collecting 
one thing i would really like to see is some of the x-men stuff that was great back then  
and honestly if there was another low in the dark comic it would sell out  
keep these coming i am interested in seeing what suprises you got that lurks in the garage
Posted by Leiver

Emerald Twilight is the reason why I'm into comics, those 3 were the first comics I bought (2 years ago), still my 3 favorites!!!

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I remember a glow in the dark Superman cover back when they messed with his powers. He was energy-based body for some reason. It's been a while.

Posted by G-Man
@iLLituracy: Ha ha. The comic does still glow in the dark. It just wouldn't show up on camera. Not enough light for the camera exposure, etc.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Doesn't sound too bad, like a series finale of an old TV show in comparison.

Posted by Jake Fury

got this as part of a trade...awesome stuff.
Posted by iLLituracy
@G-Man said:
" @iLLituracy: Ha ha. The comic does still glow in the dark. It just wouldn't show up on camera. Not enough light for the camera exposure, etc. "
Oh. Now I will never know happiness. At least not until I find this comic and witness the glow and darkness in person and giggle like a little school girl while doing so.
Posted by 614azrael

awwwwwwwwww it didnt glow :(
Posted by ImperiousRix

Aw, well despite the cover not showing up on the video, still a great review. 
I absolutely love these garage reviews.  It really helps put a lot of old stories and arcs in perspective to look back at them with new eyes.

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I have this one too. I had only been reading comics for a couple years when it came out, but I really liked GL, after this I stopped reading GL until just a few years ago (partly because I stopped reading comics period after about 96/97). Looking back on it I really enjoy it, but I hated how fast Hal went from cool to batshit insane.

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I am slowly find new love for the   Lanterns on my visit to  comicvine.  
Is this  brainwashing?

Posted by Eyz

Good times.. 
I like what Johns did, with the "retelling" of these times of Hal as Parallax.. and it still works, not retcons that much (well, aside from Parallax!) 
At least it explains Hal changes of heart around that era..

Posted by Scooper

"If you could reach into your screen.." 
I can. That's my super power.

Posted by Sergotron

I remember with those old comics to get the best result, stick them right next to a light bulb for about 30 seconds. Then you can see it in all its glory. I agree with G-Man though, it is kind of fun looking back at all those early 90s covers but no way do I want to see them come back.

Posted by Dark Walker

I picked this up today, cool issue and totally cool glow in the dark cover. :))

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 Why did comicvine stop doing the unscripted reviews?