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I remember this book!

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this isnt an elseworld book, it was a glimpse into the future, they just werent allowed to tell you that back then. lol.

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I love most of these Elseworld tales :)

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@carnivalofsins00: Huh. Yes it was, there's an Elseworld "logo" on the cover :P
Besides a given glimpse of the future at one point becomes an impossible tomorrow at another moment. 

Like HEX, the stories of a chaotic future DC universe from the 80s isn't possibly the future of the DC universe anymore now. The dark Titans' future, seen around the 200s, doesn't seem possible anymore now. Damian as Batman seen in the Grant Morrisson's run would be in conflict with the Batman Beyond series if both were glimpse of the futures taking place at the same time.
As Doc Brown said in BTTF2, the future isn't set in stone, it can't be decided like that.
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@Eyz: jeez, it was just a joke.
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Although i am curious about Dick and bruce being batman at the same time, i'm sure it's not going to last. So what will they do? I think it's the perfect setup to kill Dick permanently. Remember the clone saga when we had 2 spiderman"s?  The only thing i hope for is since Dick is such an established character, they can't kill him off that easely.

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I too love Elseworlds tales, and is it just me or does the 2nd from the left on the bottom (i think it says "streamline") look a lot like the Earth-1 design or Bruce's NEW batsuit when he returns?

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I think I saw that cover picture a long time ago but didn't know they made a story of it outside the many animated series episodes of Batman. lol

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I actually read this one a few months ago for the first time. For the most part I enjoyed it - though certainly NOT the sequel. I preferred it as a stand alone piece.

Now that we know in current continuity that Bruce and Dick (and possibly/eventually others) are going to be Batman at the same time, I wonder how much someone looked at this particular Elseworld and said, 'you know, that's a good idea, maybe I can borrow it'.

Personally, I like the role Ra's has in the Elseworld plot - it carries over that he still has tremendous respect for Bruce/Batman even though he is gone, to recognize that he's still needed.

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Let me guess a random muscular boy beat the chocolate out of the whole league of assassins.....

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One of them looks like Bat-Stryfe

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@Grendel: Exactly what I thought... Speaking the way he looks, this guy came up directly from EXTREME
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I just wondered why Commisioner Gordon was still alive, no enhancements, 50 years in the future lol
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I know - Jim and Barbara look more like husband and wife then father and daughter - ugh! But perhaps that is just an artist fail? I understand that from the story point of view, they were needed to help get Batman's son on the journey to better represent his father and what Batman really stands for - but it does look a bit silly.
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Did Bruce's diary have hearts on the cover? And for that matter why would one of the toughest most hard-assed heroes have a "diary" instead of journal? Just my little joking nit-picks.
Jim must be sippin' on Lazurus Pit Slushees or somethin'.

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@G-Man: Was this just a one shot?  I thought it was a two issue mini.  Or am I just thinking of the Knightgallery book that accompanied this one? 
EDIT: Nevermind.  I'm thinking of the League of Batmen sequel.

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I read this book a couple years back and it was pretty decent, especially considering I don't care for a lot of Elseworlds stuff. Keep the garage reviews coming
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Hohoooomy God... this thing should be called GARBAGE Review.  

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I love the else world books, but I think this one hits a bit too close to home. The idea of Ras building an army of Batmen isn't too far fetched. I liked the else-world stuff like  "Haunted Gotham" or "Red Rain" and any of the Victorian Batman stuff. Just the idea of Batman in a pre- 20th century setting is awesome. 

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@Chicago_Bruce said:
" @Metatron_Da_Don:  I know - Jim and Barbara look more like husband and wife then father and daughter - ugh! But perhaps that is just an artist fail? I understand that from the story point of view, they were needed to help get Batman's son on the journey to better represent his father and what Batman really stands for - but it does look a bit silly. "
I know, I thought/hoped it was Dick Grayson. 50 years and still kicking, come on. Robin never existed and Barbara should be in the wheelchair...would have been a nice Oracle reference. Still a good Elseworlds  that left you wanting more
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I got the sequel, not knowing it was a sequel.

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Love Elseworlds stuff - my favorite being the oft-overlooked Man of Steel 94 annual.  Everyone actually believes Jor-El and the whole damn planet of Krypton comes to earth, in a sort of 'staged invasion'.  Batman of course is fighting them and attempts to enlist a young Kryptonian named (wait for it) Kal-El to help him out.  It's pretty awesome.

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WOW! I'd soooooo love to read Batman Brotherhood of the Bat! It'd be soo awesome!! :D

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I actually never read the sequel. Somehow I didn't even know it existed! I didn't find out until after I shot this. I was able to find a copy but I'm a little scared to read it.

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G-Man, it's pronounced RAH'S-AL-GHOUL. Not Raysh. It's pronounced "Rah's" in every other Batman media, really don't get why you're making that pronunciation.

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I hope Batman becomes like Sanford and Son once they have the two Batmen. 

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@carnivalofsins00: Huh.. no worries, it wasn't a complaint/critique either! :P
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@G-Man: Perhaps, but "rahs" makes more sense from a linguistic point of view. Of course this is a comic book character we're discussing--sense doesn't enter into it. :P
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@MagusMaleficus: This argument has been going on a while. I agree that it might make more sense but I've just gone gone with "raish" since Batman The Animated Series (even though I thought it was weird even back then). DC's the one that should know, I suppose.
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@G-Man: I totally understand. DC says it's so, can't really argue with them. Well, I can, but you know what they say about arguing on the Internet...
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Errrrm.. that's creepy since i was reading my copy the day before yesterday 0_0

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ugh that mullet! oh the 90's...