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Posted by KurtWagner

since when there are commercials at CV's videos?

Posted by KurtWagner

this issue was really not so cheesy as it could be, but stil it's so...retro:)
so what's next? '30s?
i'd like to see some more retro cheesy reviews from like '60s:)
and that part with leaving/coming_back villains is hilarious X-D

Posted by Zniperking

you do a perfect JJ

Posted by Decept-O

This was a very good one, loved it.  That comic looks like it could be VF or F at the lowest.  Looks like the cover is still relatively glossy.  It is a great cover.  I agree a lot of Silver Age comics had some iconic covers, especially ones featuring ol' Webhead.  John Romita at his best with using crisp, clean lines, simple to a degree but so very effective.  
Your JJJ wasn't too bad.    ( A lot better than Gambit..... ) 
Posted by Aspenite

Now I want to go read my copy!

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Posted by Gokujam

As far as reprints go you can pick up all those early ASM stories in Marvel's Essential trade paperback form. Sure they're in black and white but at 500 plus pages for about 12 bucks you cant go wrong    
Posted by spawn devil

Haha, the intro was epic.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

Spiderman calling JJ an "itch"? 
that was harsh.
Posted by Krakoa

Jeff Gerstmann and John Romita Sr. art in one video. This has thoroughly made my day. This is a classic issue and I don't mind the "ads" if they come from other members of the Whiskey Media family.

Posted by jarraku

so awesome actually been reading old spider-mans and read this one like yesterday

Posted by inferiorego

Thanks for bringing back Garbage review...

Posted by brewski420

this issue is fantastic. one of my all time favorite spider-man comics. this issue also has the death of.....lol
Posted by sora_thekey
@KurtWagner said:
" since when there are commercials at CV's videos? "
It is all to promote Next Thursday's Big Live Live Show Live for the Whiskey Media Sites!
Great Review Tony! Wish I had your Garage... so I could just go through all of your old comics!
Posted by DarthStorm

Nice to see some old Spidey

Posted by JarJarMinks

Great pick G-Man. 
I am truly enjoying the Garage Review segments!

Posted by magicman620

I like those prices. I really like this review G-Man nicely done.

Posted by dr.x

it's as old  as me
Posted by MadClawMannn

Hey G-Man show us your collection in your garage 

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Top notch stuff  yet again looked like a really classic Issue. The Earliest Amazing Spider-man I own is Shockers first appearance: #46, that has one hell of a good cover to.

Posted by TheBlankTJ

Itch = Irritation?

Posted by ben_scarlet

12 cents xD i lol'd that

Posted by -Eclipse-

Nice review! Great cover, too... And am I the only one who thinks Romita is a much better artist than Junior? Just something I noticed, despite the age, I think I actually prefer the art here to some of Johnny Jr's stuff... Maybe it's just the inking/colouring?

Posted by ImperiousRix

Absolutely love this review 
I like how Kingpin insists he is solid muscle, and yet he has a physique like an emperor penguin.  Those jowls ain't pure muscle, Wilson!

Posted by shawn87

love the garage reviews

Posted by X-93

great review.  U keep getting better every week.   GO G-man!

Posted by ComicCrazy

I love classic stuff so much!!! I seriously don't care how cheesy and dated they can be, they are just so original and classic. Nice review G-Man.
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Posted by yarbook
@Zniperking: you mean he does a perfect betty
Posted by Michiel76

G-Man you should do the muppets, you sound like Fozzie and Miss Piggy sometimes, LOL

Posted by HarlequinKiss

OMFG, I would be RICH with comics if they were only 12 cents! Even if they were just a dollar! Gah, our money isn't worth a hoot now.

Posted by Eyz

Hey! I have this issue in one of the big collection TPB!
Really liked it :)
Nice review!

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Always awesome Garage Reviews.

Posted by Blackhorn

You took my advice on the title :3

Posted by Dro
@-Eclipse-: JrJr's art maddens me in every way. JrSr's art is excellent, though.
Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

G-Man you aren't keeping 60s comics in your garage are you?