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Love Garage reviews
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me too
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they're pretty awesome

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I remember this one

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Thanks G-man, I've been collecting Action comics over the last couple of years but I've taken a break with in the last two years, but this review just gave me another reason to go hunting for this particular issue this coming weekend! 
Thanks again, 

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One of my favorite features on the site, I absolutely love Garage Reviews.
This was actually only a few story arcs before the Death of Superman, right?  It's weird that they'd "kill" Lex and then "kill" Superman right after.

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poor lex the early 90s was less than kind to him .  the animated series version from the late 90s by Bruce timm  was a good mix of that version ( the john bryne version 80s and the Lois and Clark version from the mid 90s version voiced by my favorite character actor Clancy brown ) and I would like to say roger stern did a great job back in the day and the death of superman was the highlight of all that got me into comics .....

and this one right here ..
a fine mix of the john bryne version and early 90s version and that is all I got to say .
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Another great review from your garage G-Man. 
It's interesting to see how the gimmick of killing characters off only to bring them back isn't very new. Writers have been doing it for a long time and it seems theres no end in sight
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great review

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Who's the hippie? O_o

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@G'bandit said:
"      Who's the hippie? O_o  "
Lex in a new clone body.
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@G-Man: I love your Garage Reviews, but I just cannot watch them.  Comic Vine is the only place I go to on the Internet that gives me a problem playing videos.  It stops every five seconds, cycles for a few seconds, plays for another few seconds, stops again... it's maddening.  I'm using Internet Explorer with Windows XP, and CV's the only place I have this problem.  Even videos linked in the comments play well for me.  I would love to watch this review in its entirety though.  Do you post them anywhere else?  Like Youtube or something? :( 
EDIT: Nevermind, figured out the problem (after all this time - duh).  It was automatically playing "Streaming."  When I clicked "Progressive," it fixed the problem. :)

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@NightFang: Wait so the original Lex Luthor really died? O_O
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Hmm where was I in 1990; oh yeah, I was just born. 
Still; I can't believe they killed off the original Lex Luthor (but that's what happens with Kryptonite Poison); still, didn't he get his body back afterwards by Neron
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That was great issue. Lex dies, comes back with long flowing red hair (keep in mind, this is post Crisis on Infinite Earths so they tried to do a homage to Alexander) and Super girl as a girlfriend. So basically Lex killed himself so he could come back with hair and get women.

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@G'bandit said:

"Wait so the original Lex Luthor really died? O_O "

No, Lex faked his death and put his brain in a young clone body with hair. This is now post Crisis on Infinite Earths, so it never happened the new   
time line. 
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Do some miracle man... 
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So, was the red headed stranger a clone of Lex Luther?
Did he turn out to be Luther?  I thought I remembered he called himself Luthor and then was dating Supergirl and when was dying of cancer again or something.
I maybe be wrong but I do remember this cover:

I also remember that that Red Headed Luthor was used in various Elseworlds, like where Krypton (all of Krypton) came to Earth when their planet was dying and the Kryptonians sort of took over.  Batman was a freedom fighter, Luthor was a rat working for them, and Superman (Kal El) became a freedom fighter for the Earthlings against his own people.
I think the cover was done by Mignola:
Red headed Luthor in the issue:
My favorite motivation for Lex Luthor has always been jealousy.  That he isn't the big man on campus anymore.
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there should be a lex 3 minute expert

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great review i was a year old when that went out!!! I wish i owned a copy of that!!!

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Well made review man.