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Uh-oh, looks like G-Man's got a score to settle.  That impostor Tony better watch his back!! 
Regarding Mike Allred on X-Men:  I'm a fan of the Allreds as you are, but I've never felt comfortable with his take on Marvel characters.  Maybe I'm weird but it just never set right with me.  Wish I could explain and I feel bad for saying it, but its how I feel.   
I do not remember any video game or cartoon from the 80's called Space Ace.  Odd.  Odd having a comic book about it. 
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@Decept-O: What did you think of Allred and Peter Miligan's X-Force/ X-Statix series?  Space Ace came out a year after Dragon's Lair.  Maybe you remember that one?  Arcana has also put out a Dragon's Lair comic apparently but I missed that one.

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@G-Man:  The X-Force/X-Statix is where I first saw Allred's work on Marvel.  I will say I didn't read it all; I flipped through it, and it just didn't appeal to me at all.  Wish I knew why, but it was just out of place for me.  Like I said, I'm also a hugh Mike Allred fan, but when it comes to his take on anything Marvel, mutant or not, it feels too out of place.  Maybe its because I'm too used to "regular" art style by other Marvel artists?  I don't know.   
OK, Dragon's Lair, I do remember.  Never got into it per se, but that one I do recall.  Don't know why they'd want to make comics based on "old" video games/RPG stuff, maybe there's a market for it I guess.
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@Decept-O: There's a story to tell.  Obviously it's not a huge top ten selling comic.  With Space Ace, it picks up after the game.  The main thing about these games was their visuals.  They were some pretty vibrant worlds.  Obviously someone that played arcade games back in 1983/1984 might not be reading comics these days.  Both games are available on the iPhone, which I'm tempted to get.  What surprised me more than the comic getting made was that Robert Kirkman wrote it.
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The art in Space Ace looks funny.

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I have to disagree with Groo. I love the artwork, and hate the message. It's way way too in your face political for me. I'd rate it a 4 out of 5 for the art, a 1 out of 5 for the story. It could be so much better if they left their politics out of it.
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@G-Man:  Fuuny thing is, I was playing arcade games during those years!   Granted, I lived in Southeastern Colorado and then Illinois for awhile, so perhaps that's why I don't recall Space Ace, that game may not have been around those regions.  Or I simply don't remember.   Yup, still reading comics after all those years.  Funny how some things from  "back in the day"  are now available in different mediums, like Donkey Kong & other video game apps on Facebook or the video games on the iPhone.    
Regarding Kirkman, I've been meaning to get Invincible, but the LCBS where I go doesn't carry that title.  There is another comic shop that should carry it.  I've wanted to read it for a long time.  
Movies have been made off video games of late, as well as RPG stuff so I shouldn't be too surprised.  
@TheOmegaMan:  Really?  That sucks big time.  I HATE it when that happens.  That's what really irritated me about Project: Superpowers, it started diverting into politics of all things. Also, the artwork fell flat, but that's another story.  
 I want to be entertained, and while politics can be integrated into the story, its another thing to blatantly state one's political views in the story itself.  This is ENTERTAINMENT.  I get into these things so I can forget about "real life", politics, and those topics for awhile at least.  This subject could go further but I'm glad yo mentioned it. 
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I wasn't crazy about Mike Allred on X-Force/Statix, but I really REALLY like the way that Nightcrawler & Wolvie look in Nation X #1.  That said, I'm not about to pay the cover price just for that 8-page story.  I'm so unbelievably tired of Marvel's half-arsed anthology mini series filled with solo stories.   
Sounds like G-Man's mad... That Tony better look out! ;)

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I like that Tony says "da" instead of "the".

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thanks for explaining that the Nation X book is a collection of short stories.  i love those kind of books--im gonna have to get this!!!! 

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Men don't talk when they're taking a leak, and if they do they keep their faces pointed up, down or straight at the wall.

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You're rating system is lost to me. If you didnt like the Xmen book, how'd it get a 3.5? that's almost a 4. which is pretty good. based on your comments it seemed like you didnt like it. and based on your comments about Space Ace, you did like that. so how did they get the same rating?

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@Gregomasta said:
"Men don't talk when they're taking a leak, and if they do they keep their faces pointed up, down or straight at the wall. "

maybe mutants have a genetic predisposition to not caring about that stuff. 
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I just don't buy that Wolverine would purposely go to a casino and dress up in a tuxedo unless it was something he'd have to do. That feels far more Daken.

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why does it have too be g man's lucky seven when it could be g man's lucky 8 or 9 or maybe 10 or 11?

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@theevilhotdog: because seven is considered a lucky number, fool.
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@jakob187: Yeah, that "Tony" talks kind of funny.  Also, when he says "there," it's more like "dare."  Reminds me of the Gorillaz song:
@Gregomasta: But notice how they left a urinal in between them.
@Mbecks14: Since I was a former Mathematics teacher, I view a "3.5" as a 70%, or an 'average' comic.  It'd be like getting a C-.  A 3 would be like a 60%.  D-.  I like the X-Men and love Mike Allred.  That made the comic just "okay."  I really dug the first three issues of Space Ace. This one wasn't as good.  The "heroes" didn't even really interact with the "bad guys."  When I was rating the issue, I was updating you guys on the whole series in case you were unaware of it.  The first three would rate higher.  I'm sure the final couple issues will pick up.
@theevilhotdog: One of the concerns is time. This video might seem kind of long to some people.  Adding more would lengthen it.  Perhaps we should set up a poll?
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Love G-Man's accent: "Woverine: Uder Da Bordwak"
No offense, G-Man ;)

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@Violet-Eyed Dragon: *sigh*
@G-Man: Hmm, now I'm intrigued.
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Nation X and Necrosha:The Gathering were filler at their worst.

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ha ha ha ha wheres tony? slap slap
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I loved your little cutscene at the beginning. Way to go, G-Man!
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I think I might have a lead as to where this "Tony" guy will be this week...