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I dunno how intentional or unintentional it was, but the last page gave me a good laugh.  

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i liked the idea of Barry being the origin of the speed force. and i also like the way they suggested that Barry might have made himself. 
  my only prob with Flash;Rebirth is that i kinda wish the issue with the twins had worked out differently.

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I need to go get this issue. I almost forgot I've been waiting for it

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The series was pretty decent. Looking forward to Johns' run on Flash.

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how many pages was this? 
and also - why doesnt ethan van sciver carry on with his great art in the new flash series? 
i hope manapul is just as good !
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" how many pages was this?  and also - why doesnt ethan van sciver carry on with his great art in the new flash series?  i hope manapul is just as good ! "
The issue was the normal 22 story pages.  The reason Ethan Van Sciver isn't pencilling the ongoing monthly series is because he cannot meet an ongoing monthly schedule. 
I thought the series as a whole was really good, but I wouldn't give this issue 4.5 out of 5.  Way back when this series was first announced (like 16 months ago), it was solicited as a five issue miniseries.  I think it should have stayed that way.  Issues 5 and 6 were a lot of action and chase, but not a lot of story beats.  Johns could have easily condensed this story into five chapters; the story would have been tighter and the delays because of EVS' health problems would not have been as harmful.
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I loved it!

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seriously dude? this issue was not 3 months worth of delay.
it was so cliche and idk barry shouldn't even be back. whatever, johns... i expect better from him.

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Felt rushed....not a good last issue in my opinion but I can't wait for the ongoing series!
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I can't wait for the ongoing series!! It's going to be awesome!!!!!

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" i hope manapul is just as good ! "

Manapul blows EVS out of the water. The preview art looks fantastic.
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I'll definitely pick up the trade!

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With all the books Geoff is writing at the moment:
Green Lantern, Superman: Secret Origins, Blackest Night, (am I missing any?)
there was gonna be a delay with one of these books at some point.

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I guess I am going to have to buy #1 and give it a go

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So, I've never bougght a Flash book before, but a few people have told me he's a great character. Is it worth me picking it up when the new ongoing title starts?

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Can I just start from the new Flash series that he's talking about, I kind of missed this series lol but forgot all about it...:( 
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I'm afraid this was not all that great of a series...it was supposed to quantify the Flash's universe but it didn't.

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I liked it