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This is going on my Christmas list.

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Looks awesome, I don't know if I'll pick it up for more then $80 but if it dips I'll pick it up. Also your video is very out of sync you might want to upload it again.

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I want it. I want it real bad.

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Looks really nice, definitely gonna be keeping an eye out for this, though this month has tons of graphic novels i gotta get too lol As a side note her "Wow" sounded really really fake lol

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The video technical problems has been rectified. Sorry duders!

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If anyone wants to get me a christmas gift...this is a good one

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Funny, I'm in the middle of making my Batman costume for Halloween, Bat in the Suns production team will release their new Batman Fan made film Seeds of Arkham on Oct 7, going to be playing Gotham Imposters beta as well on that day, and going to get both Arkham City, and Batman Year One Animated movie as well on Oct 18. They should rename October the month of the Batman!!

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Why must all of the cool stuff in life be expensive?

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Damn, I totally missed this video until now :|

It's my favorite type of CV segment too - just you guys having a cool little discussion segment about something concerning comics. I really like the Batman Files style for all kinds of literature not even only as a background book on a comic universe like this or the Watchmen "end of chapter" segments. I even enjoy it in books like House of Leaves since it can totally draw you into the ficition since it feels almost "interactive" to piece together the different informational pieces.

I really enjoyed this and would love to see you do more of these discussion segments if possible :)

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so awesome and im not even a big batman fan

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That is so on my wishlist now, the damn list is growing by the second...