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I love watching these eps. It's a great advertisement to pick up comics i may have overlooked. Like that latest Hawkeye issue (smh at USB Arrow).

btw it's Justice League United, not Unlimited. I was flipping out with joy b/c i thought they made a Justice League Unlimited New 52 book. Trust they'll make one once they get the ball rolling with cinematic universe. I mean look how many Marvel books have Avenger in the title but could have easily been called something else (looking at you Avenger Undercover and New Avengers).

But i digress....

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I agree it's not very handy, but he did use something similar in the Avengers movie so it has it's uses.

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You're the best stuff in comics G-Man.

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@g_man: You never know when you need to shoot it somewhere so you can create battle music on the fly.

On a serious note an average computer virus is only like 500kb so I'm sure Tony Stark could make a seriously damaging one for him to use within that 256mb.

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256 MB might sound pathetic but after I thought about it for a second pretty much any important information can and generally is stored in a way that uses a ridiculously small amount of space (at least compared to modern HD video/audio or high resolution images).

Stuff like schematics can be fractions of a MB per file and databases with thousands of entries of stuff like tax records would only be a couple of MB. Only thing he really can't grab and might need is security camera footage.

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G-Man, you have the best t-shirt in comics this week! I used to have one of those view finder things when I was a kid. Ahh the memories.

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Loved my ViewMaster! I stared at my reels of Adam West as Batman for hours.

Captain Marvel didn't also get nominated for Best Edvard Munch Reference?