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Quick tip my game store shared with me is- keep the power discs in the packet sealed, and place them on the infinity base. The base will read through the packet and tell you what you've got!

(They also mentioned that theres cardboard between discs that may interfere with the scan, just flip the pack over.)

Then if you have doubles, or a disc you don't like, they're still sealed so you can take them back!

Congrats on the Infinity Gauntlet G-Man! I've got the Iron Patriot team-up, and out of the 3 team-ups I have, he's the best- he absolutely smashes anything when he appears.

Whats the statue on your desk? Also what's the mini-TARDIS do?

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I wish Winter Soldier was an actual playable character, then I'd actually be tempted to buy the game as it looks like a lot of fun.

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My little girl and I have pulled a Winter Soldier and a Groot's View, so far. She was kind of let down, as she really wants an Ant Man. Heh The addiction for more is already settling in. Lol

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I don't trust any product that doesn't tell me what it is. People are falling into the trap! Run away!

As cool as Marvel Infinity sounds, I would just want to buy the items that I want. Takes away the "fun" of collecting, but I don't care. The longevity of these discs depends entirely on how well Disney Infinity performs, and even then Disney may cut support for old discs and force consumers to upgrade if they want to continue.

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I'm honestly trying to not want Disney Infinity 2.0.

It looks fun, but extremely simple. And I know that I'm too picky a gamer to get much out of it given the cost associated with buying into this as a platform. And more than that, there just isn't much space left in my home to display or house figures and such.

I know if I let myself go down this particular rabbit hole, I'll likely never return. It's the same reason I have had to stop buying physical copies of comics. I get the collecting bug and it can overtake me. (impulse control issues)

Just a couple more days and I'll have Forza Horizon 2 and the temptation will likely abate.

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I was hoping for Grandpa Simpson, lmao.

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@g_man I was let down they didn't have costumes in Disney Infinity 2.0, but you taught me about these discs so i just went and bought off ebay the immortal iron fist disk from ebay for $3.50 before I even got the game haha. I just loved Iron Fist in his white suit so much. Once I get it I'll probably just keep buying them off ebay till I get the ones I want since they are all only like 2-8 dollars and I only want the costumes mostly.

Seeing that they also have a Captain Marvel Team Up disc makes me hopeful the cast of characters for this game will be big and not limited to movie/cartoon characters.

And even if I want the other things eventually I think getting it all on ebay is probably the best way. I just put all of the different costumes in my cart(including iron fist) and it was only about $20 which is less then what you spend on 5 packs.

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@war_killer said:

I wish Winter Soldier was an actual playable character, then I'd actually be tempted to buy the game as it looks like a lot of fun.

I think it would be really likely for all the team up characters to become playable after a while. Since Yondu was a Team Up disc and is planed on having a figure of his own in early 2015. It would make a lot of sense since half the work of making the new character is done for them already. The Team Up only character right now are.

  • Captain Marvel
  • Ant-Man
  • Iron Patriot
  • Winter Solider
  • White Tiger

all of them I can see becoming playable in a later set series.

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Grrrr I've been looking for Odins Horse! Lol I saw him on eBay but it that's not as fun. This game is so addicting!!

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@ladyonora: haha. I agree. There's a great feeling opening the package and finding an elusive disc rather than just buying it. It's like you're earning it.

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@ladyonora: What? Don't you know it's all a trap and we're being scammed for enjoying random pulls? :p lol

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the more and more you cover this game the more I'm tempted to go out and get it. nice video Tony