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If you've already subscribed, obviously there will be some spoilers here. You can get more info on the subscription service HERE.

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This is really cool. I regret not signing up now, definitely gonna have to look more into it. Dug everything that was inside, & those big Funko's usually go for $25 so you got your money's worth on one item alone there. Very cool

Posted by nappystr8

Don't dig that the comic wasn't bagged and boarded. Mine was pretty damaged in the box. For being an official Marvel product, this is a huge oversight. The Hulkbuster Pop is awesome though.

I got the same shirt. Everything was the same, I think they all are. That kind of takes some of the fun out of it, but since everything is exclusive, it guarantees that you don't miss out on anything.

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Got mine today... Really liked the shirt (Thor). Definitely will continue to get this.

I was pretty surprised that the comic wasn't bagged or didn't have any kind of protection. It's definitely worth the cost.

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I'm hoping for an Age of Ultron Funko fig in May Lootcrate. Some Avengers goodness in there.

Posted by G-Man

@nappystr8: Website says four different designs for the shirts.

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@neghead: I'm really really on the fence with Lootcrate. I've filmed unboxings for the past three months. Just didn't get around to posting. This month's one just wasn't for me at all.

Posted by n25philly

I got this and there is some decent stuff. I didn't regret it like I did the "we dumped our trash in a box and shipped it to you" loot crate subscription

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@g_man: I loved it, but understand that everyone has their own tastes. You had to interview Dan Slott, and I'm not a fan of his, for example. Lootcrate is kind of hit and miss; I usually give the stuff that I'm not bouncing off walls for to my step-children or save it for friends' bdays.

Posted by Stewart77

Sweet, can't wait to get mine... hopefully it arrives tomorrow or Thursday so I can wear the t-shirt to the movie... just picked up my tickets for 10:00pm Thursday!!!

Posted by Rev_Sulphur

Once they start delivering to Ireland. I am all over this.

Posted by trom301

Got mine today. Got the sme shirt. Thought it was very cool. Wearing my shirt to Avengers for sure.

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It looks like you can't get this box anymore which is kind of a bummer. I am more of a DC fan and with Marvel not owning the property of theirs I like the most (X-men) I was one the fence about this. Missing the first box kind of clenched me not getting it though. It looks like awesome stuff if you're a Marvel fan though, way better than the other boxes.

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Posted by G-Man

I guess the other question is, how many are going to get the next one?

Posted by Bmur62

I got Hulk for my shirt ... very satisfied with this box. Still a little on the fence about the Ant-Man box since Im not a big fan of his but might still give it a shot since I was so happy.

Also Loot Crate and NerdBlock for that matter do not impress me any longer ... It seems any decent figures or cant miss items have almost been nonexistent since the start of this year.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

Looks interesting, but it feels too specialized for my taste. I think that's why I like Loot Crate, it has a theme and tends to hit a lot of the interests I have. I like Marvel, but just not a fan of The Avengers really.

Posted by XtremeGuardian

This is an awesome box. I have tried Loot Crate and Nerd Block. I love a wide range of geeky things and while they cover a large spectrum of things I should love, there is still a lot of hit or miss with their boxes. This is tailored for Marvel fans, which I am a huge fan. Moreover, it guarantees funko collectibles and a shirt every box which is a huge plus for me. I think Marvel and Funko have really scored big with this idea.

I also love that they are showing some respect to their founding members that maintain 1 year subscriptions.

Posted by OUTBREAK666

@g_man: Yea I was totally bummed with this months lootcrate. They gave us an inflatable crown.... So lame. The only kinda cool thing was the stark family sigil shaped usb drive from game of thrones

Posted by Dolma86

@nappystr8: ya I totally agree with u! For being an official Marvel product, the comic not being bagged and boarded felt lazy/cheap. Mine came pretty banged up as well. Hope they address this issue.

I was also, expecting more from the actual items. The hulk buster funko was the best part of it all. Every thing else felt meh. It's almost like they banked everything on the funko(s), and totally neglected all the other "merchandise." At least loot crate comes with a booklet explaining all the items in there. I'm hoping that Marvel gets better with next 5 boxes, or I'm definitely not signing up for year 2.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I got the same Tony shirt and the same Ultron adorbz. You're right it is pretty heavy! My box came pretty roughed up though so the Ultron figure is absolutely covered with scratches. Even the Hulkbuster funko box got dented badly. I'm kind of afraid to take the hulkbuster out and inspect the damage to the funko!