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i lol'd when you made batwoman talk. id probably do the same.

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This whole event's worth comes down to weather or not they have a really dramatic moment focused on Batman towards the end of the event where it zooms in on him and he goes "we need to go back to the future!"

I like to cut my nails and then scratch at the covers when i have no nails... it feels good. :3

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@g_man can you divulge to us what some of your favourites were? I'm interested to get a few. Also which ones do you believe act more like standalone stories, so in other words doesn't link that much to Futures End series, and can be read by readers who are interested in the said title? I only ask because I've read that some don't actually link in that much to Futures End the series itself.

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I haven't read any of the Futures End titles but I want to pick up Batman & Robin as well as Teen Titans

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Getting all the normal covers to these books. I wish DC would stop this dumb cash grab.