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The one next to Mars Attacks on the box is from This Island Earth

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@inferiorego: I think I mentioned that maybe in the vid when I read the fine print on the side.

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@inferiorego: You should buy some, maybe you'll get a Tenth Doctor figure.

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Yeah, I commented too soon.

10th Doctor? NOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Saved the best for last! Ha. Would have loved to see RoboCop or Predator in one of those boxes. Maybe next time?

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Got Judge Dredd first try - yesss. As for the Rocketeer and Malcom Reynolds I'll check eBay.

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@g_man: It's funny how you didn't want E.T. and you end up getting an E.T., lol

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I got the FireFly one from LootCrate. I really like these and would want the Xenomorph, RoboCop, and Dredd the most

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I got Mal from firefly in my lootcrate. I want the judge dredd.

And robocop

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They went for some obscure movies. I haven't seen half of the ones mentioned. I've never even heard of Island Earth.

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I've gotten 4 so far, definitely don't want to stop now, here's what I have:

  • Mal from Firefly - I ended up giving it to a friend for Xmas who's a big Firefly fan
  • Mars Attacks - I didn't really like the movie, but the design is amazing, especially the glass helmet
  • RoboCop - My favorite so far
  • Robby the Robot - Coincidentally I got this right after getting a Funko 6'' vinyl of Robby!

I'm definitely going to try my luck again, but the characters I really want to get are Alien, ET and Tron

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It's amazing how detailed they are. The only thing I don't like about these figures are their missing pupils. I know it's a design choice but it makes them look alien... even more than they should. Luckily most of the characters have a visor, yellow eyes or no eyes at all... which is why I like all of them but malcom, jayne, spock and ET. I'd probably customize those a bit to my liking (with a black molotov-pen).

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These look way better than the Guardians ones. Tron is perfect for this line of figures.

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Hey everyone, I have a mars attacks figure that Im willing to trade. Im looking for Alien and Predator figures. Im in socal. ANyone interested?