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This was pretty cool and really informative. Saved a lot of wikipedia reading.

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Really appreciate this! Thanks.

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Awesome. In the movie he's some type of thief I think so it feels way off from the comics.

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That original origin is really grim. Is it just me or does it seem like every time Peter pops back up he's a slightly different character?

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damn you @g_man i literally just brushed up on this character like 2 days ago. i remember reading GotG when they had the movie crew plus female Quasar and Adam Warlock after the Annihilation Wave, but the was quite some time ago. i didnt even touchthe Marvel Now GotG run yet.

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He's marvel's Adam strange.

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Really bummed that his Annihilation costume isn't on that screen capture

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Cool, this is helpful.

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Great video @g_man. The Star-Lord created by Keith Giffen and expanded upon by Dan Abnett/Andy Lanning is by far the best version of the character (and the Guardians of the Galaxy) and as far as I know also the version which inspired his character in the film.

It's a damn shame Brian Michael Bendis flushed all of that down the drain.

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@hassun: To be fair, do you think he stormed Marvel's offices and informed them he was doing that? Or he snuck it by before anyone could catch it? I agree it's a great period in his history.

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Excellent video G-Man, a very informative on detailing Star Lord's origin and history. My interest in Peter Quill has already gone up just by watching this video. Seems like a nice take on the classic swasbuckling cosmic cowboy with plenty of deep characterisation as well.

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Learning is fun! :D

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@tparks: promo'd on the front page now.

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Fantastic video G-Man thanks! I knew absolutely nothing about Star-Lord, I had no idea his origin would be something like that.

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@g_man: I have no idea how he keeps doing that and getting away with it. It's as if he doesn't have to worry about any sort of continuity while other writers do. Maybe he just has massive pull at Marvel in general?

E.g. His X-23 isn't even X-23. It's just a teenage girl version of Wolverine. Speech patterns, behaviour, beer chugging. It's sad for fans of the character.

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@g_man said:

@tparks: promo'd on the front page now.

No way! Thanks!


Very helpful

Much thanks!

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Nice video tony... All real useful info considering I don't read gotg but def seeing the film. Great editing too with the 'Who?'

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@dotwilson: Thanks. I couldn't resist adding in that bit.

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This saved a lot of reading, all I remembered of him was his mixed heritage. Thanks a million.

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Annihilation Star Lord was my personal favorite. I really don't like the pretty boy version that Marvel now has :/