Posted by EpicMeltDown

OK, I know that this is a weird thing to complain about but there is a really annoying inconsistency with the characters chosen for the covers of the blu-rays. It's a game of one of these things is not like the other.

1. Villains.

Why is Yoda on the cover when you've chosen villains for every other cover? Yoda was really the villain the film. I knew there was always something sinister about him.

2. Major characters.

Why is there a stormtrooper on one of the covers? Sure stormtroopers are iconic but you've basically got all major characters and then you have Stormtrooper Jeff....from that one scene. You remember Jeff right? Got shot and fell off a railing? Really tied the movie together. Well done Jeff. You're the heart and soul of Empire.

Anyhow, it doesn't really matter but it just bugs me.

Posted by DamoMinimus

@epicmeltdown: it's true though. Logically they should have replaced Yoda with Count Dooku and Jeff with Boba Fett and suddenly they are all villains from the films concerned. Then they could release a second set with all heroes on the covers! Got to have them all, right? Kerching!

Also I wonder if when episodes VII, VIII and IX are released the cover designs will vary greatly from the 20th Century Fox films? I want them all to look uniform on my shelf. I know, I know: fat chance.

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

I hope they rerelease the theatrical versions sometime. My comic shop has them on DVD and was playing them at the shop yesterday, so awesome.

Posted by humphreytt

@epicmeltdown: Thats because Stormtrooper Jeff was the life and soul of the empire. His family tried to salvage his body from the destruction those rebels caused but he was unfortunately nothing but dust in the abyss of space. RIP Jeff, always there when you need him.

Posted by mak13131313

They definitely look good!