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Posted by ScrappyDont27

My brother got me a subscription to this for my birthday,(which is an awesome birthday gift by the way) the Avengers one was pretty cool excited to see what's in this one!

Posted by PrinceNamor

I got my box this past weekend. I liked the first one a little better but this one is still great.

Edited by G-Man

@scrappydont27: If you're getting it and didn't yet, I hope you didn't watch this video already! SPOILERS.

Posted by ScrappyDont27

@g_man: haven't got mine yet so I skipped the video for now

Edited by Teerack

@g_man: Just think about how amazing this video would have been if it was full of fire ants that attacked you.

Printing companies and toy manufacturing companies must be making a killing making everything "ant-sized".

Posted by inferiorego

I was hoping you'd get the 10th Doctor

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by MK5

I like the tiny exclusive. The mystery figures look cool too.

I think the "stealth Ant-Man" is the evil Black Ant:

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: I'm assuming that "stealth" Ant-Man is actually the Black Ant since it's the same color scheme. Even though in the comics the Black Ant was Eric O' Grady, but who knows maybe different like they did with Yellow Jacket. Maybe Ant-Man turns evil and become Black Ant during the movie?

Posted by sagejonathan

Very cool. I'm waiting on a theme I like to get at least one box for myself. These are great.

Posted by BlazingNova

The Avengers box was better.

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

Just got my box today and liked it overall, but I do think the shirt could have been cooler. In comparison to the avengers shirt from the last box this one seems a bit plain. Overall still pretty happy with this one.