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I can't recall a Galactus from the future being killed or dying. The only one I can think of is the dead Galactus brought to Earth by Abraxas, but that was only his head and it wasn't from the future, it was another alternate reality one. It's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what Galactus that is.
I was disappointed with that Galactus also, I was going crazy trying to figure out the series of events that were going to happen and, as usual, I was way off. 
I love the series. You mentioned Franklin, Valeria, Thirty-Two, Artie and Leech. But you forget at the end of that issue they took in two or three Moloid children too...... It's like a daycare now. I think they have a lot of characters now that they need to figure out what is going to happen with.
Great review. 
@Everyone: Start reading the Fantastic Four!

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hah I noticed you have a silver green lantern ring
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I forgot about that Galactus... but it still doesn't make sense on why he would say it's a Galactus from the Future (assuming he buried THAT Galactus) if it's not from the same reality. Much like Jlone this is driving me crazy! *Lol.*

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@jloneblackheart said:
"@Everyone: Start reading the Fantastic Four! "

I picked up 574 because of the Birthday... I loved it! 
After your Review G-Man.. I'm going to have to pick up #570 - 573 and 575!
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I think the dead Galactus is from the Millar-Hitch "Death of the Invisible Woman" run that introduced that new Fantastic Force which you know from F4 573, when Ben and Johnny visit nuworld.    
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I've never just been all that interested in Reed Richards. He's always felt annoying to me. It's no wonder his wife's eyes keep looking elsewhere (sea side). I'm kind of crestfallen to learn the truth about that Galactus corpse.

So, the Mole Man doesn't have 'mole mail'? Like, snail mail. Sorry, bad joke. lol

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@labarith: Of course!  That would make sense.  The other Galactus was from an alternate Earth so that didn't make sense.  
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... I think the Galactus mystery has been solved!
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I've noticed that Fantastic Four has sort of been demoted to B-Grade these days too. It's kind of sad considering the FF to the 60's was what Wolverine or Spider-Man are to today. The four were Marvels flagship characters back in the day. You can really tell a lot about contemporary society and it’s sentiments by what’s popular in culture. Comic books are one of the finest examples. There's a cynical, violent, and altogether shallow majority now. Gratuity and eye candy takes precedence over character and plot in many cases these days and the sad fact of the matter is that the Fantastic Four has just never been "grim and gritty". Dr. Doom maybe, but otherwise not even remotely. Innovative for their time, but not what the majority of audiences crave these days…which makes me sad.    

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I was SOOOO UPSET that the dead galactus thing turned out to be a let down. I spent extra on the invisible woman variant cause i thought this would be a big moment in their timeline, and idk i am just mad. But I'm hoping they show something else with the dead galactus plot...... still good but man my hopes just fell......

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Ive been told about these 5 issues before and even though i have an intense dislike for Reed Richards I'm considering picking these up when they become trades.

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Is the Thing falling to pieces like his Ultimate counterpart (eehh my I just had a sick image in my mind ehh)

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I don't know.  I was interested until you mentioned Artie and Leech.  Shouldn't they be a bit older by now anyway?  Sounds like a lot of sub-plots going on.  Everyone complains about too many villains in comic book movies, what about too many sub-plots and uncessary characters?   
Still, I may get FF tomorrow.  I've not read it in awhile and your enthusiasm for certain titles in the past has usually been just, so I will trust your judgment on it.   I haven't seen Alan Davis' work in awhile so that's sweet.   
I think Alan Davis did the best Shadowcat, giving her that right combo of sweetness and slight sexiness she embodies.   I also loved his Capt. Britain.
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loved Mole Man and how genius he was, and not displayed in some corny fashion or as a joke.

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To be quite honest, I should be reading Fantastic Four. 
They have adventures everywhere through and between time and space and back again, encountering all kinds of sci-fi creatures, beings, etc.  How can that be boiring?
I think the problem is that it seems people want "cooler" more bad-a%$ characters. The FF are cool in their own way but I don't think the focus should be about them per say as it should be about their adventures.  
Maybe once SIEGE and SECOND COMMING are over I'll take a look at FF, just got to find the right issue to jump on board.
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the fantastic four is...interesting?! 
will probably wait for trades and then forget all about it like always

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I like Artie and Leech!
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I haven´t read a Fantastic Four issue since issue #548. Lately, I saw a preview in Psylocke #3 but it didn´t convince me to buy F4.

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I'm totally into this series. Hickman made it just a wonderful reading

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Sounds to me like Hickman is dropping the seeds for a Power Pack-esque team to return...

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The Galactus that is laying there is the one that the Sue storm from the future killed, before Doom killed her.

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If I was able to kill a Galactus, I'd pretty much throw in the towel and retired. Mission ACCOMPLISHED.

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@Dr. Detfink: the Daydreamers? man i hope not, though if he writes it it could be interesting.
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Are you going to review an issue of the Ninja Turtles? We all grew up with them, but what are the comics based on them like?

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People dont dig on the FF because it lost its main purpose.  IMHO it should be the best scifi book on the planet.  Like Dr. Who style!  Which would give it back its defining competency. 

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@Dr. Detfink: They (minus Julie) did show up for Franklin's birthday.
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FF has been a treat to read. I dont think they are running too many characters with all the kids.. In my opinion, its a great change of pace from everything thast out there today.  The art has been great as well. I also recommend everyone to pick up the past few FF issues or  wait for the trades of Hickman's run.

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Why do people insist on using the phrase "the next level"? It makes me cringe.