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It makes no sense to film a 3D cover guys !! or the 3D effect is really weak.

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@e1000: thanks for watching.

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lool i have every 3d cover .. EVERY DAMN ONE ... been waiting for them too long :)

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meh. only the first born one really looks worth it. shame the creative teams' names arent worth the ink.

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@g_man said:

@e1000: thanks for watching.

Made me chuckle.

The 3D covers seem cool. I've had to save my pennies, so I haven't been to the shop to pick up my book in a bit. Hopefully I got a couple of them in my pull.

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It is such a shame that the 3D effect is defeated by the camera/screen. Nevertheless, these are some amazing covers and I have seen most of them in the comic shop in actual awe-inspiring 3D.

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I only bought Riddler and The Rogues issues in 3d. Great stories, but those are the only titles ill get in 3D just because I can't justify the current prices of the comics to really pick them up. Our store pretty much has all of them except Lex Luthor might be showing up late for some reason.

@g_man: Any specific 3D issues you are missing that you wanted of this month?

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I think the Arcane issue has been the all around best so far. Same creative team and the story works as both a stand alone and foreshadows a possible direction for future issues of Swamp Thing. Not to mention its my favorite use of 3D on any cover. Abby tearing out of Anton's stomach looks great.

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First Week: bought all 3d covers.

Seconds Week: bought 1/3 3D, the rest regular.

Third Week: bought 1 3D, questioned ever buying another DC book again.

Fourth Week: ...

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Can't waaaaiiitt to read Parasite. Kuder on the story as well as the art is awesome.

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In The UK I swear they are'nt 3d

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@mucklefluga: I thought about picking that one up myself. I like both Kuder and Parasite. He seems really excited about the issue as well.

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@flazam said:

In The UK I swear they are'nt 3d

You can get them, depends if your LCS buys them or not.

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@longbowhunter: After reading his Avenging Spider-Man issues he instantly became a favourite artist.

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@g_man: "It's like he's gonna punch you in the face." Sometimes I really appreciate you here.

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Man these 3D covers are nice, but I'm actually quite glad I'm not getting these. I'd be breaking bank terribly if I indulged. Now bring on Marvel's acetate covers! The 90s are back people!

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At my comic store (V-Stock) they had all there 3D Villains Months sold out and only one 2D book left (The Joker). The only way I got the books I did was because I was subscribed to the series.

Did get Joker, Riddler, Penguin (60's Batman rogues), Captain Cold, and Gorilla Grodd though. I told them to put Professor Zoom back on the shelfs because I didn't have enough money on me. Wonder how fast Zoom sold. Also I am waiting for the Wonder Woman ones as they were coming late. Don't know if I'll be able to buy them though.

Also got H'el from a comic con I went to this past weekend. Scott Lobdell gave it to me and even signed it.

If I ranked all the titles I got on cover it would have to be:

  • Riddler (loved the cover art)
  • Joker (nice 3D action)
  • Captain Cold (nice 3D action)
  • H'el (nice 3D action)
  • Grodd (didn't make sense)
  • Penguin (cover art was ugly and the 3D action made no sense)
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Lenticular images make me a bit nauseated so I've opted for the traditional covers when I had the chance. My favorite covers have been Court of Owls, Parasite, and Count Vertigo (did read them though). I haven't been impressed with Villain's Month overall but I only picked up a small number of titles. Deadshot, Desaad, Solomon Grundy, Relic, Mongul, Black Hand, and Sinestro.

My favorites being Deadshot, Mongul, and Sinestro.

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These covers look really nice but it's goin to cost me £20+ to get one

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I thought the best looking 3D effects were:




Ocean Master

Black Adam

Joker's Daughter (as horrible as the issue is, the actual cover looks awesome in 3d)

Reverse Flash