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Posted by Paul2814

Wait, what?

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What's Brick? A short, an animated feature?

Posted by 2cool4fun

@paul2814: That's exactly my reaction, are they giving him a full fledged animated series? I mean what the heck?

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Posted by Bsaa

An animated short with animation very reminiscent of Transformers Animated. It's on Youtube.

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Posted by NightFang
Posted by longbowhunter

@nightfang: Never heard of it. But yeah, very similar.

Posted by 2cool4fun

@johnny_blaze: No, it's just that they had all this time to give him a show, and they do it now that he already has a TV show, I mean why not give someone else a spotlight for a change.

Not to mention that by the video we saw from @longbowhunterIt's just gonna be another Teen Titans Go ( which I mean I like that show, but we need something more serious... )

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I might give this a try.

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Wow!! this guy look really hot!

Posted by TimeLordScience
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