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Posted by LetFireFall

awesome can't wait

Posted by flamingBurrito

Really impressed by the production quality on this. Keep up the good work guys!

Posted by LightBright

Oooh. I have to wait to watch this or I'll forget everything. >_< Haven't had a chance to get all caught up yet. 
I'm so EXCITED! 

Posted by danhimself

Awesomely done video G-Man!!  I'm really happy with all of the Walking Dead love I've been seeing lately. 
I think that you should point out that the Walking Dead isn't really like other zombie stories in that the zombies mostly play a background role and that the story mostly focuses on the survivors and how they're dealing with the outbreak and how they've had to change in order to survive
anyone who's not reading this because they claim that they aren't a fan of zombies should really give this book a try...there are times where several issues will go by without even seeing a zombie...but while you may not see them you always know that they're there and that at some point things are going to go to hell for the characters
I can't say how much I love this series enough...it truly is my all time favorite book and I can't wait to read each new issue each month....I'm an owner of all of the issues and the hardcovers but I'm still thinking of getting the reprints of the series that were announced today

Posted by G-Man

Production is all Joey. He deserves the credits. I just come up with the words and find the images.

Posted by Mainline

The Walking Dead is a deeply human, tragedy, and character driven drama.  It is not the sort of cold detached clinical documentary approach of "World War Z" or the tongue in cheek of "Zombie Survival Guide"... it definitely isn't "Shaun of the Dead" or "Zombieland".  As a world of lies is to Made Men, a world without civilization is to Walking Dead... there are no holds barred.
If you can't stand Bambi's mom getting shot and the bleakness of Mad Men drives you to drink or suicidal thoughts, Walking Dead probably isn't for you. 
If you appreciate the suffocating isolation and morbid savagery of humankind stripped of civilization in a post-apocalyptic setting, Walking Dead delivers. 
If you're unsure, give it a shot, the execution seems to be top notch.

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Okay, now I gotta read this thing AND watch it. When does it start on AMC?

Posted by Mainline
@CrimsonInuTears said:
" Okay, now I gotta read this thing AND watch it. When does it start on AMC? "
Premiers on AMC Halloween night 10/9c 
Supposedly the TV show will have some substantial divergence from the book in places so reading it should not completely spoil the show
Posted by Pacperson
@CrimsonInuTears: Halloween Night ;)
Great Video G-man, I started reading the Walking Dead when they first announced the TV series, now I'm all caught up =D
Posted by countvontrey
@flamingBurrito said:
" Really impressed by the production quality on this. Keep up the good work guys! "
Seconded. This vid was awesome. I love the bites at the end.
Posted by teewillis1981

Awesome video G-man! Wow! I'm really impressed by the production on this video. You guys are gettin' really professional. Niiiice.

Posted by WarChild

Riding a Horse through a City infested with Zombies... Pure Genius
Good Video, You really take this site serious don`t you,  I applaud you for this.. * Stands Up and Claps Hands *

Posted by weapon154

There were a bunch of pun jokes during the video. 

Posted by Icon

This was really well done. Thanks for this!

Posted by MadClawMannn

great g-man!

Posted by Krakoa

Brilliant video. And very helpful!

Posted by Danial79

Great video... but why were the comic panels reversed?

Posted by ImperiousRix

Really curious about the show.  Seems like it's a great idea, and I hope that it does well enough that it stays on the air.

Posted by JoeyF
@Danial79: Cause I accidently had the camera on the wrong side, er---- I mean, it was intentional so you couldn't read them and spoil the story.
Posted by Danial79
@JoeyF said:
" @Danial79: Cause I accidently had the camera on the wrong side, er---- I mean, it was intentional so you couldn't read them and spoil the story. "
And here I was thinking it was some creepy backwards-speaking Halloween thing :)
Posted by FoxxFireArt

LOL Just couldn't wait for tomorrow to post this, huh? The opening looks great. The editing blends you well in with the background. In fact, this whole thing had superb editing. I loved the panel transitions.
As I said in Babs article about about "Zombie Jesus", I would rather have zombies over emo-sparkling vampires.
I'd relate to Rick easily enough. We are both from Kentucky. =D

Posted by NightFang
@LetFireFall said:
" awesome can't wait "
Posted by RLAAMJR

this looks cool

Posted by sora_thekey
@JoeyF: Once again I salute your video editing skills man! You never cease to amaze me! :D Kudos!
@G-Man: Thanks for this! I am actually buying the first volume next week so this helps me so I can watch the first episode this weekend!
You said be sure to check for more Walking Dead updates in the future... but after that ending I doubt the credibility of that statement!
Posted by UpUpAndAway

Its so wierd seeing everyone from the walking dead way back in the beginning and thinking about all the stuff they have gone through afterwards.

Posted by danhimself
@UpUpAndAway said:

Its so wierd seeing everyone from the walking dead way back in the beginning and thinking about all the stuff they have gone through afterwards.

heck yeah it is....my favorite is comparing Carl from the beginning to the Carl we have now....insane how much that kid has changed
Posted by Xpgamer7

The walking dead is the only comic I've ever read as a series, and not at random. I started two days ago and now I've read every issue. It's morbid, dark, gritty, realistic and a darn good story.

Posted by Eyz

I'm probably re-read the first couple of Walking Dead TPBs before watched the show~

Posted by spider-man 2996

Great video but I can't find when it is on in Ireland
Posted by TheSheepHerder

Wow, this video made me even more curious about the upcoming show. I will have to look for this in the comic shop. Great vid, G-Man.

Edited by queenfrost_

Why wasn't this called 3 Minute Expert? lol nice work though :) x
And isn't the beginning like 28days later?

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

I have seen the first episode, it was boring as bat sh*t, I will give it one more episode, but it was unimpressive.

Posted by skaarason

great to see some love for twd !!!!!

Posted by NXH

Already seen the first episode. 
It was awesome!!! I can tell already this is going to be my new favourite TV show.

Posted by staceydillon
@LetFireFall said:
" awesome can't wait "
Posted by Mumbles

must eat brains

Posted by G-Man
@queenfrost_: It is and it isn't a 3-Minute Expert. It's not in that it doesn't tell you everything about the characters. This was something Joey and debated over (along with Norm). We felt having it closer to the Scott Pilgrim 3-Minute Expert would be better so it wouldn't give away all the spoilers. I didn't think calling it #-Minute Expert was fitting but it will be in the 3-Minute Expert tab on the video page.
Posted by queenfrost_
@G-Man: That's a fair explination, haha :D great video anyway x
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

That's a fantastic video editing job, there. I love the Walking Dead, and this is very helpful to new readers... and VIEWERS, now! :D
Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

Wait, why is Conan O'Brien shooting zombies?

Posted by ReverseNegative

This pretty much sums up the first volume.

Posted by Welding

Great production values!
I am loving both the product on display and this type of video!
Keep em' comin'!

Posted by ViciousCesar!
@staceydillon said:

" @LetFireFall said:

" awesome can't wait "
Edited by savri

I don't ever watch or read any type of horror/vampire/zombie things, I think it is a waste of time. But this was presented in such a fashion that I was intrigued. Of coarse I did not watch this with my children around, but I need to tip my hat to AMC  but to you, Tony, for this review. I watched the first one and it was great. Unfortunately I live in Japan, so I can not get the books, otherwise I would.............Great job!!!

Posted by staceydillon
@ViciousCesar! said:
" @staceydillon said:

" @LetFireFall said:

" awesome can't wait "
http://www.comicvine.com/the-walking-dead/49-18166/episode-1-leaked/92-580599/#2     "
Lame it doesn't work. But I'm going to a costume party at my local store, then zombing it up for it on sunday night. Swooning.
Posted by JoeyF
@staceydillon: Sorry man, we had to remove it.  This Sunday, though!
Posted by ZombiePie

I totally didn't even know that this was a Comic series in the first place...WELL COLOR ME IGNORANT!

Posted by Baconator

'breathe life into the zombie apocalypse' ... I see what you did there, G-man. I see what you did there.

Posted by FLStyle

Great video Tony, good job to whichever video producer edited it. I'll have a look around for the comic.

Posted by Captain Bintang
...you had lots of fun with the sound effects there, eh?
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