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Posted by Mucklefluga

Awesome video Tony! You may have convinced me to pick up the first issue... maybe.

Posted by AmishAvenger

Great video...It reminds me why i don't like to read Spiderman

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I very much appreciated this video. I wanted to read Superior Spider Man but was fearful I wouldn't understand the back story to it. Now I feel that i can start this book and be fine. I also hope Peter stays dead for a long time and doesn't come back in a year or two.

Posted by Figueiredo

I will read Superior, but I do not feel comfortable with it. ... Amazing Spider-Man #700??? ... and I thought Straczynski´s "The Amazing Spider-Man #509-514" was the dumbest Spidey story ever. Back in the 90s they all cursed out the "Clone Story". Well, Howard Mackie... I have forgiven you for a long time! Come back! ;)

Posted by Webjaker

Thank You. Many of my non-comic friends and family have been asking me whats going on with Spidey since its all over the 'web' - this is perfect.

Posted by Maximus_Newcastle

Great vid

the 700 storyline was reaching for a shock factor, and in the laziest way possible. "We switched bodies! woah!" who GAF lol that's sci-fi basic.

Posted by Reisz

I haven't followed any of the major heroes for years and years, but the opportunity to start in on a new series heading in a genuinely ballsy (if not fan favoured) direction is too much to pass up. I am really excited about this.


Peter Parker will be back just in time for the Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer.

Posted by DEGRAAF

The video isnt working. I click play and it says there is 0:00 of 0:00 minutes

Posted by Narok24

I'm sensing another Captain America: Reborn/ Who Will Wield the Sheild? in the future.

Edited by ComicFan93

So this guy kills Peter Parker, stole his life, and recieves no negative repercussions whatsoever?

And he's the new "hero" of the series.

I had a lot of anger when Peter died, even aside from the fact that he died in the most insulting and half-assed way possible. But even with that rage (mostly) gone, this idea is still beyond stupid. I'm avoiding anything Spider-Man related until they bring our Peter Parker back.

Posted by G-Man
Posted by iTz_the_MOLE

Video won't play for me...

Posted by Gotham331

Is Spider-Man still the worlds greatest super hero?

Posted by Cakeman3000

I can't watch this video. Someone help, I really would like to see it. It just never starts playing.

Posted by hellogan

I've been a Spidey fan since I was a kid in the early 70's. I was off an on with the comics for a lot of years. But, I've been absolutely on in the last few months and I feel it is a great time to get back on for the ride. I think it was a truly "Amazing" twist what they did with Peter Parker's character and am looking forward to the new series, Thanks for the video G-Man.

Posted by AnotherWebHead

I just go my hands on the issue of Superior Spider-Man and I seriously didn't like it. Don't know if it was because all of the action that was going on in ASM but this just felt sooo boring.

Posted by GERALD

I know I'm going to sound like a dick here but it's not the first time it has happened.

G-Man you're a nice guy and a knowledgeable dude BUT YOU RAMBLE ON AND ON. If you did a brief outline before filming this video wouldn't be 11 minutes and full of awkwardness. GET TO THE POINT ALREADY.

Posted by kartron

i felt the ending was forced and too short. i felt the "realization" of value of life could have been more than just a couple of pages of story run. i would have liked it better if it had slowly developed rather than just a "zapping".

Posted by OriginalVenom

Wouldn't it be crazy if they had Norman Osborn switched instead of Doc Ock?

Posted by consolemaster001

Let's not forget the part where he trains to heal his broken back and then fight his successor to reclaim his cowl...wait