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It's cool for them to change costumes every once in a while while still retaining a "classic look".

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Every 5 years.

For the same costume.

You damn dirty reptilians.

Posted by judasnixon

I like the idea of often.... What artist doesn't want to redesign his or her's favorite character?

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It depends. If a costume becomes really dated it should change like Captain America, or if the character is going through something where a new look would help express what they are going through like "Back in Black"

The Fantastic Four are the one exception where I want them to keep getting new uniforms every time the creative team changes.

And also some times character just have bad costumes and should change them like Daredevil's original suit.

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As long as the costumes contain some sort of visual consistency. Like I'd reference Captain America's various designs.

They're all different but each incorporate the same basic set of iconography. They're unique while still being easily identifiable as Captain America.

Posted by Aee

Not very often. I really think it's cool when a comic book character changes looks for the better but I don't think it should happen too often unless it's part of the plot or the character is going through a phase.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Depends on the story.

The early days of Spider-Man, it would have been silly as well as narratively inconsistent if he were constantly updating his costume. But, in a world where he runs a successful business and has resources, a science obsessed character would add new elements as often as they needed them.

So yeah, I'd say let the story dictate the pace with which they update their look.

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NOT very often( or at least not as often as the Wasp does)- Daredevil has only has three basic costumes since his first appearance!


Posted by Bl00dwerK

The Baltazars!!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
Posted by feedonatreefrog

Whenever the hell the artist feels like it.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Less often than Wasp, I know that

Posted by sbyrstall

Less often than Wasp, I know that

The Wasp was multimillionaire fashion designer. LOL

Having the same outfit gives a sense of consistency, IMHO. I remember there was a bit of a stink when the FF had their light blue jumpsuits changed into a dark blue uniforms when they forced themselves out of the Negative Zone (back in the late 80s). Remember how people reacted when Spidey first put on the symbiont uniform in Secret Wars? Back then changing uniforms were a big deal. Now it's nothing because it's done so often.

Posted by G-Man

@bl00dwerk: they're not related. Franco just goes by "Franco."

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I don't mind characters changing costumes once in awhile as long as they're still recognizable such as the earlier Cap reference.

I mean honestly that old 80/90's earthen-brown/mustard yellow 'Marvel wings' Wolverine or the pink & blue Hawkeye look horribly dated now.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Depends on the story.

Pretty much :/

Posted by Justthatkid

As a casual main suit in comics every decade.

In certain situations ofcourse there'd be different suits though Superman's led suit, Batman's battle armour, etc..

Movies depends on the character maybe and story. Going to have a big war going down have Wonder Woman in a warrior armored suit. espionage have Batman in a stealth suit.

Posted by tglass1976

I wouldn't mind a character having several slightly different looks that they rotate through on any week/issue. Would be more realistic to me to not think they are wearing the exact same thing every single day or have a closet full of identical costumes. If I were a superhero in one of the comic book worlds, I think I'd have a few different costumes in the closet to wear. And you gotta wash those things sometime, right?

Posted by Peregrine

I wouldn't mind if Kitty Pryde and Jessica Drew would try a new uniform

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someone needs to tell Nightcrawler and Spiderwoman that its time for a change

Posted by GeekOfKrypton

They should change only when it gets dated...like Powerman's costume from the 1970's. He couldn't still be wearing that yellow disco shirt and Buccaneer style boots in the 21st century.

Some heroes tho...like Superman's stands the test of time although it has gone thru changes and tweaks.

Posted by DrFate

It only depends on the character and the time they apear.

They had to change the batsuit for the new milenium.nit's normal

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Eh, depends on the character

Posted by Ostyo


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@teerack said:

It depends. If a costume becomes really dated it should change like Captain America, or if the character is going through something where a new look would help express what they are going through like "Back in Black"

And also some times character just have bad costumes and should change them like Daredevil's original suit.

Posted by SymbioticSpider-Man

Just once in a while, unless the original costume stupid. In which case do not ever go back to that one.

Posted by Danial79

I don't mind change, but I'm not a fan of the recent move to more "realistic" or "practical" costumes. Comics are neither, so I don't see why they're trying to mimic the cinematic universe. I miss the colorful, wacky costumes like Hawkeye's

Posted by lukehero

Every 3 to 5 years.

Posted by Maximizer

Characters like Iron Man are reasonable.

Posted by Zearing

Depends on the character.

Posted by Saint_Wildcard
Posted by RustyRoy
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