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Ray Anthony Height did such a great job with the colors. It would have to be my favorite. Joel Gomez I think had the best concept.

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I love these challenges, keep em coming!

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Awesome! Love 'em all. Ray definitely crushed those colors. :D

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awesome :)

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Really liked Derek's version!

Interesting to see that Booch and RAH went with Ult Nick

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Todd nuck's drawing is my favorite.

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@g_man: I thought I would see you and ComicVine here at Hawaii's first Comic Con! lol. Comic Vines popular Peter Nguyen, Kevin Eastman, Rob Liefield, John Romita Jr., Greg Capullo, George Perez, Adam Kubert, Joe Rubinstein and even the man himself Stan Lee are all here this whole weekend!! Holy crap I can't even sleep I'm still feeling it from meeting and getting autographs from all these legends. And there were more big time artists too just can't remember right now, but I'm sure you know them all. Talked to a few of them and said they love the fan base here and didn't expect it to be such a full house, at one of the biggest convention centers on the islands!

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I could fully do a mystery art challenge for you guys! @g_man haha jk. Tomorrow's the last day of the Comic Con!

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Todd nauck and Ray Anthony height are the best with a close second by Brian Buccelato