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Yes there is room for marriage in comics. Heck most of Spiderman's greatest stories came out of the time period when he and MJ were married.

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Yes, theres room for it in Anime and Manga so why not Western Comics

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Depends on the comic.

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I think people focus too much on marriage in super hero comics and need to just enjoy the comic. I get that drama is a part of it, but for the most part we read them for whacky stories full of crazy action and inspiring heroics as well as an examination of morality. For certain characters though (like Animal Man, Elongate Man, Sue and Reed) marriage is much more relevant to those characters stories and is a much more central aspect. Other then that though, it's a very minor detail in the grand scheme of the comic.

Over all I think Robinson had the best answer.

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All characters should go through their natural progression through life.

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Invincible has done marriage really well

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Spider-Tux, Spider-Tux.

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Most Most Definitely, especially when is comes to Spider-Man and Mary Jane

and as

Yes there is room for marriage in comics. Heck most of Spiderman's greatest stories came out of the time period when he and MJ were married.

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Yes I definitely think there is room in comics for marriage. Many characters such as Superman, Spiderman, and The Flashes have all been married and were able to make that a successful part of their history, in many ways it made them more interesting.

I completely disagree with DC's stance right now about not letting heroes getting married. If you encourage diversity in all other areas but then put a limit on displaying only certain kind of relationships (for example with DC, not allowing characters to be married) that comes off as kind of strict and hypocritical.

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I think the only issue is the lack of writers confident enough to write a marriage in a super hero comic.

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Yes, especially if the relationship is written well

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Not everyone needs to be married but I don't understand the recent hatred towards marriages. DC's stupid remark of '' No marriage'' stance being one of the reason I barely care about ANY relationships they forced.

Personally, marriage is a big step to say '' yea we trust this direction and dynamic '' and keep a good standing with that decision instead of getting lazy with it. Worst thing it can happen to it ( aside from Mephisto TAKING YOUR MARRIAGE AWAY ) is to turn marriages into 'Celebrity weddings' where it lasts only for a month or so.

So yea, nowadays , I can't seem to find a relation I care about because I know none of those will give me satisfaction or enjoyment in the end. And the other half, they are the out-of-nowhere pairings that a writer decided to put for an arc where no build-up or past connection there to justify it. After that they claim '' it is the HIT couple ! '' ...yea no.

Suffice to say, I am more 'old-school' when it comes to relationships. Might be for worse but in the end, I like a solid foundation and a deeper connection than ''Oh he/she hot and they look good together in paper...lets couple them '' which doesn't give much to me in the story sense.

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Yes. But it depends on writers taking the marriages seriously. And this means putting mandates in place that makes sure that a marital status doesn't change every time a new creative team comes into play.

Storm and Black Panther's marriage ended up being a disaster, but it tracked with how her characters' relationships had occurred so we could move on. Even Phoenix and Cyclops' marriage falling apart was handled in a human and understandable way (before the death at the hands of a super villain part). Clark Kent and Lois Lane's marriage, however, has a lot more weight for the "Superman" character so it made sense that there would be fans annoyed with any change in this relationship.

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ewwwwwwwwww marriage.

absolutely 100% not!!!


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There is but a lot of today's writer's don't know how to handle it well. I loved the fact that Storm and Black Panther got married. I accepted they met when they were younger(retcon). However after the Phoenix Five they were over. Seemed the shortest marriage I've ever seen Marvel do. Luke Cage got married it change his character I think it help define his character along with being a father.

Posted by Mutant God

Yes anything can work really, sometimes its a big thing (Reed and Sue, Luke and Jessica) and sometimes its just a small character trait (Jameson and Marla, Multiple Man and Layla Miller, are Beast and Abigail Brand married?)

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@captainmarvel4ever: agree with your Opinion Bro.For me, i read comics to Enjoy, the art and action that i wont see anywhere else.

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@spareheadone: I agree with you but not neccesarily with your opinion relating to marriage. I would like to see characters age or move on from Roles. example i would like to one day see Bruce willingly pass on the mantle to someone worthy may it be a brand new character or a previously established one like Tim Drake. Or I would like to See Odin Step down and see Thor become the new all father or something.

Posted by Kervan21

It mostly depends on the character. But there shouldn't be a hard and fast rule from the publisher to now allow characters to get married. I also think that when creators want to break the marriage up, it's because they're simply not creative enough to figure out how to tell an interesting story with the married characters.

I'm still single, but the impression I get from my married friends is that good, healthy marriages take A LOT of work, lots of compromise, and lots of overcome conflicts together. It seems to me like married people experience more conflict in their lives than non-married people, but the results of dealing with the conflict in a beneficial way are more rewarding. So if resolving conflict is at the heart of marriage in real life, then why is it so hard to translate that into the fictional world? That's the one thing I don't get when creators say things like "when they get married you can't tell interesting stories anymore" (that's not what was expressed by the guys in the video, but I believe I've read Jim Lee or JMS say things like that, particularly in relation to Superman and Spider-man).

I prefer Superman with Lois, and I prefer Peter with MJ. I think Peter with MJ shows the most growth and development for that character.

I would say Batman should never get married, because he's too dedicated to his mission. Only Selina would be a viable option for him, because she gets why he has this need to put on a suit and go out and fight crime. She accepts that about him. But they would still run into that massive conflict of her morally gray ethics.

For me, it's always who the characters are in relationship to others that gets me to fall in love with them, and I think characters that are married benefit from that quite a bit. For AVENGERS: AOU, I feel like I instantly learned more about Hawkeye by seeing that he was married and had kids than I did before. I loved that Whedon and Marvel went that route with him.

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Just look at Animal Man. Guy's got wife and kids or... y'know kid...

And is one of the most interesting characters.

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Only to certain extent

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Why wouldn't there be room for it?