Posted by StMichalofWilson

I think if the Flash had too much caffine, he wouldn't feel any different

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Flash would burn right through caffine

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Maybe it would be like the Hourman story where there's a false alarm, and he has to rush around doing stuff to not waste his hour of power. :)

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Wonder Woman would not be affected much, because her Amazonian physiology dissolves it and repairs any major damage/changes to her system, very quickly. That's also why its difficult for her to get drunk.

Posted by Winter_Kills

This happens:

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Flash doesn't like coffee.

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The thumbnail for this video reminds me of that weird era in the 90's where there would be huge trails of garbage behind Wally West when he ran around. haha.

Posted by koshi_waza88

didint flash say he discovered how to vibrate his molecules through drinking coffee ?

Posted by caroljrees

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