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Man I wish I could meet these guys! They haven't been near the NorthWest in a while.

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Dang sucks to know he's leaving but I understand why. Good luck to him on whatever his next project is. Would be cool if we Jock as a replacement. Wonder what the next Snyder/Capullo project at DC will be.

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@mrtummytumms: I hope to god it's JLD, that would look so good with Capullo's pencils and Snyder's experienced horror writing would be perfect.

Actually that would make for a good Comic Vine article

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I'm hoping for Sean Gordon Murphy to fill in for a few issues, if he's not too busy of course. I'm really hoping Greg comes back to Batman, but I'm excited to see what he's got coming with Mark Millar (was that Kick-Ass reference just a joke or a tease!?)

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Posted by MrTummyTumms
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Is it just me or did Scott seem to have a different demeanor in this interview? Usually he's upbeat, energitic and all about the hype but he seem really subdued here. Could be any number of reasons, I guess. Or I may be crazy.

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@timelordscience: Crazy like a Fox!

Maybe he's just been busy and is feeling a bit tired.

Also good to see ya :)

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@captainmarvel4ever: I'm hoping Wonder Woman and Greg said he didn't want to do any team series so JLD is probably out of the picture

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Oh man Scott looks so sad about this :/

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Ok now I'm intrigued about what there doing next.

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At least he is coming back after his thing with Millar.

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So, Snyder stays and Cappulo is leaving? or they are both leaving?

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Capullo leaving? Batman will never be the same.