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These "off their minds" are starting to really piss me off! But this one was actually funny.

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The picture of Superman wolfing down all those burgers (behind the original post) I remember reading that issue as a kid! I just can't remember why he had to....

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@slimj87d: Sorry you feel that way. We're not exactly forcing you to watch them.

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@g_man: I'm just kidding gman, I'm actually more jealous than anything. Thanks for keeping the vine alive.

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Certainly one of the more unique questions you've asked

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Certainly one of the more unique questions you've asked


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Missed window of defecation

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They can fight right away but only after stretching and ripping at least one solid fart if they've been eating something super gassy. You know what, the battle will probably be so loud and hectic that no one will even notice if you soil yourself.

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This is a pretty fair question. You don't want to have cramps while fighting.

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Love the backdrop image. A lot of my favorite Superman stories are when he does ordinary tasks at super speeds, like eats a ton of food or washes and dries a rack full of dishes in 30 seconds.

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Batman would need prep.

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The preview pic of this made me laugh.

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