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OK, so I heard what the challenge was and paused it while I drew my own idea (so that I wouldn't be influenced by any others) for fun. Here is Mine:

Winter Soldier and a...

Posted by iceslick

@artisticneedham: Very well done for a quick drawing. I really like it!

Edit: I just noticed what's with poor bunnies being hurt? Lol, I can't believe I'm laughing at this considering I had a dark childhood of my Dad killing my pet rabbits and he ate them for dinner. I guess I get over certain things.

Wow, I honestly this was one of the best Mystrery Art Challenges, even much better than Black Widow's. They were all great not one disappointed me at all. I love Todd Nauck, Brian Booch and Francis Manapal the best though, poor bunny was used as a hat, lol and man Brian's bunny was on some O.D. steroids like Bane status, LOL.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Manapul takes this IMO

Posted by Wardishy

I think the shaky cam gave me motion sickness lol.

Posted by LiveForever

Todd Nauck's Winter Soldier is INCREDIBLE.

Peter Nguyen has such an interesting technique. He jumps all over the place.

Posted by HydeParkSwag

Lots of GREAT work in this one but Manapul's is definitely my favorite.

Posted by Sovereign91001

Nauck knocked it out of the park.

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And the winner is...Todd Nauck! He also wins the award for best Powerman and Iron Fist shirt.

Francis Manapul wins for best NSFW entry....haha woah.

And the Booch takes the award for best beard.

Congratulations to all entrants though. You are all winners.

Posted by CitizenJP

Oh man I loved Todd Nauck's drawing! That was really awesome. Ray-Anthony Height had a great one too!

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@artisticneedham: That's a really great idea you had to add to the entries. I decided I'd start giving these a try too. It was fun.

Posted by staypuffed

Love Todd Nauck's. Peter Nguyen's was pretty nice, too.