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Posted by Mucklefluga

Todd Nauck wins for me, he did a super job.

Posted by Janjaman

Todd Nauck!

Agnes Garbowska was very good too.

Edited by Mr. Kamikaze

Nauk always does a good job. The man commits. Loved Agnes' as well.

Also, I can barely write words without my paper or pad being on a table or some flat surface and there Agnes is drawing like a pro with the book in her arms. Damn gurl.

Posted by staypuffed

Really liked Peter's, Agnes' and Todd's.

Edited by DonFelipe

Agnes & Todd win for their superior ideas and results.

About the others... Peter said it best!

Edited by sinikettu

I think Nauck's is the best. Interesting how so many of them had roughly the same idea about Ant-Man frolicking through mountains of pancakes.

must be the ant's & maple syrup...

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Haha, some good ones there. I was gonna say Agnes Garbowska wins but then Todd Nauck comes around and takes the cake... Or in this case, waffles.

Edited by DeMan

Is there a gallery here on the site collecting all of the "Mystery Art Challenge" sketches in one place?

Posted by nappystr8

Todd Nauck never ceases to amaze. Every single time I see his work, no matter how monotonous you would assume it would get, it is so clear how much passion he puts into every drawing. It's obvious that he is a huge comics fan. Agnes Garbowska was a close second for me, her work is hit or miss for me, but again, her passion for what she does is evident.

Posted by DancingWithDeadpool

Todd Nauck's was really excellent. A few of the other ones felt kind of rushed and sloppy. Agnes Garbowska did a really good job as well.