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I really have to stop watching videos related to Batman Eternal but I can't. All this information is just too good. I will literally be broke (or close to it) after two months if I follow Batman Eternal with single issues.

Okay, maybe I'll just pick up some Dustin Nguyen's issues and that's it!

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@inferiorego you sneakily got Ray Fawkes to tell us that Azrael will be in Batman Eternal.

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Give me more like Pandora 8, that was an instant classic! I could drop all comics and only read that one title and be perfectly happy. As a matter of fact, for the month of april, I think I will do just that. I will only pick up pandora and get all my Blight issues in order and re-read them for that month :)

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Batman Eternal could be so good....I still feel like 52 is the bar by which all weeklies will be measured but if Eternal strikes that same balance...

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Batman Eternal can't get here soon enough!

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Since the whole Constantine/Zatanna/Nick Necro love triangle seems to have been resolved (for the foreseeable future at least) and now that John's on his own, I wonder if Fawkes will introduce Epiphany Greaves. The timing would seem to be perfect, unless he's going to rejoin the JLD in the future.

Wait, so the first arc of Eternal is 52 issues long (plus the Batman teaser issue) and there's plans for more? That's an insane amount of work!

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I like Ray, especially his art, but haven't enjoyed much of his New 52 output. I'm hoping he gets a chance to shine in Eternal. His Riddler Villains Month issue was one of the few high points last September.

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Guy on the right in the thumbnail looks like he just hates being there and he hates life aswell.

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Is Constantine any good right now?

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@swampping: I heard that the newest issue was a really good read with some strong character moments. At any rate, I'm sure when Blight raps up all the magic based characters who were involved in it will have good jumping on points. I think I may start reading it soon.

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@inferiorego: I'm pretty sure you were trying really hard to hide your emotions about what's been going on with the JLD characters' titles. :-P

P.S. - I didn't like the issue of JLD last week either.

I can't wait for Batman Eternal.

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@iceslick: WHAT THE ####!?

iceslick you are crossing the line! That issue was the most memorable of the series as of yet! (Well, top 3)

*SPOILER* Zatanna busts int to the House of Mystery and kicks John's butt out of his own house! Lol She was mad! It would have only been better if she had thrown him out naked.

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I wonder whatever happened to those three characters from the Arkham Reborn three-issue mini a few years back. There was the Hamburger Lady, who had leprosy. Some guy who had is face ripped off as a child, I can't remember if his name was actually No-Face. And I don't remember who the third character was at all, but I do remember there were three of them. Arkham's top secret patients who were his favorite because they had made so much progress, but he had to keep them deep in the secret bowels of the asylum.

I also wonder if he's talking Jean-Paul Valley or Michael Lane. Lane (that is his name, right?) had that brief appearance in New 52 Batman Incorporated but I don't think anything ever came of that. I didn't see him help take down Talia at all.