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Posted by cold_fuzion

Sweet! I can't wait.

Posted by Baddamdog

Wasp, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Maria Hill...AWESOME

Posted by PhantomAres

The more I see of this the more excited I get. It's about time the Avengers had a decent series and this looks like it will be it. Glad to see some lesser known villains getting thrown in there along with the big guns.

Posted by ComicMan24

It looks good.
Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

An Avengers cartoon without power ranger armor? That alone convinces me...I'll check this one out.  
I think I saw Exterminatrix...could that mean Noh-Varr in future episode? Be happy if it did...

Posted by BKole

Exciting, if it wasn't for that horrid, horrid song playing in the background. 
Awful. It sounds like a tween Breaking Benjamin.

Posted by sora_thekey

Is it wrong of my that I didn't recognize half of the villains in this trailer... other than Loki some looked familiar but I did not know who they were..
The song is not good by the way... and this is definitely setting up the movie since Black Widow and Hawkeye are part of the team... I don't understand why Black Panther is there though!

Posted by Nova`Prime`

I didn't like the art when I first saw it, it looked to "Anime" style, but after seeing that trailer I can't wait to see the first episode. And really glad they are starting the Avengers without Cap, I can't wait for that episode.

Posted by The_Martian

Show looks awesome. Better than I was expecting.

Posted by Dracade102

Epic Win
Posted by ccrosby

i can't believe they had arnim zola and constrictor is this trailer-  that alone sells me!  Through in more second stringer villains that don't usually get enough screentime -  I'm down.

Posted by knightofhonor100

Awesomeness abounds in Marvel. Can't wait to see this.
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i seriously cant wait 
the show i have waiting for 
if its as good as spidys old show itll be awesome  
edit: scratch that, i hate the music and wasp

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Panther's in there :D

Posted by *Girl of Steel*

Awesome! Punisher nod is cute too. :)

Posted by Ry Fryy

Apart from some of the recent Hulk "movies," I haven't cared for animated Marvel stuff.  This however, looks decent.  The theme song was pretty dreadful though.

Posted by leokearon

TFA meets Avengers, I hope it doesn't disappoint
Posted by MrMazz

I didn't see any power ranger armor battle suit crap this is already 20 times better  
the animation style looks good very spectacular spiderman meets Wolverine&The X Men the lil hard rock toon though is pretty meh dig the instrumentation but it just sounds a lil whiny but meh illl just fast forward through it 

Posted by dondasch

Hope the music is better in the show than the trailer.

Posted by Captain13

Looks good. I'll check it out when the time comes.

Posted by reaper2923

Looks a lot better than that other one, still sucks that I no longer have that channel. But still there is always the internet

Posted by grimm

I LOVE wasp's look! 
 I kinda liked it. But the music wont be int eh show. That was "dramatic trailer" music not show music. Why wasn't widow in the roll call at the end? I'm really excited for a marvel show that isn't all about Wolverine (I hated "Wolverine and the X-Men") or isn't made for little kids.

Posted by scorpius72

Yeah a comic cartoon that isnt pandering to 6 year olds!!!    
Posted by Avengers_4everXX

i'm really excited for this, it looks great especially with Black Panther in it, and it looks like they're starting with the original five and then adding in other prominent members... cool that hawkeye and black widow are in, but kinda makes it look like a movie tie in... and was fury black? anyway with hawkeye and widow in i hope we get to see quicksilver and scarlet witch, vision etc. as well... but seriously? you guys are complaining about the music? who cares if the song wasn't that good? it was an awesome trailer. get over it.
Posted by Overguardian

Tony's voice is terrible

Posted by Decept-O
@Overguardian:  That would be the one complaint I also have.  I don't want to complain but no way does he sound like a seasoned Tony Stark nor does he sound like someone inside Iron Man armor.  You'd at least expect a voice that has some type of "electronic" or heavier sound.  In fact he sounds like a pizza delivery guy. 
Sora--dude--I thought you would be one to know that Black Panther has been an Avenger since the early days!  I'm happy he's there.   
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

looks cool...and why can't Marvel use this line-up for the film?!

Edited by Gambit1024

Couple of things here: 
1. This show looks like it's actually gonna follow the comics for once (well some parts anyway). About time they started this approach. That's good news. 
2. It's great that they're using lesser-known villains than just hitting us with big bad guys. I actually like the Wrecking Crew, lol.  
3.Was that 616 Fury?? It's a friggin miracle they're actually using him! (he's my favoite outta the two) 
4. I have a bad feeling that Iron Man will end up leading the team. A job Captain Aerica had for how many years? 
5. Giant Man and Wasp! Need I say more? =D 
6. Let's hope this show lasts for many seasons and not get canceled like some of the other decent shows!
Posted by Realfruitjuice

As a series it looks good. The song however was horrible! 
I hope that isn't the theme song. Knowing Disney it might just be.

Posted by RedK

awesome, hope we get to see spidey appear even if its only one episode

Posted by RedHurricane24

Weak animation. Young Justice looks better than this.

Posted by Gambit1024
I remember them saying there will be guest appearences, so I wouldn't doubt it if Spidey was one of them.
Posted by Namor1987

I love the animation I'll be watching because Thor & Hawkeye are gonna kick ass

Posted by rum1929

Definitely interested in this series so far based on the trailer. I like the fact they are using lesser known or even obscure villains to fight the Avengers like Grim Reaper, Whirlwind & the Wrecker. It's nice to have variety when it comes to enemies instead of the same powerhouse menaces like Loki, Dr. Doom or Kang even though some of them will make an appearance in the animated series.

Posted by simonchan

hmmmm, mixed feelings about this one.

Posted by Fresh0133

Did I see Graviton?  Wow, never thought I'd seem make it to a screen ever.


Looks pretty good, I'll definitely check it out.

Posted by Joe Venom

most of the characters voices are pretty bad, but whatever it looks much better than that SD Marvel show they have out now. 

Posted by primepower53

That "Avengers Assemble" was pretty weak...
Posted by blade hunter

Will this be cancelled after 1 season aswell?

Posted by Mumbles

  might be good, will see

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Posted by Crom-Cruach

Very disappointing, the style, the way the characters are shown, everything. This is unworthy of the avengers.

Posted by Cherry Bomb

pfft, all it showed as Black Widows boobs :( I wanted to see the full thing!
 Yay, Wasp <3

Posted by NXH

Awesome :)

Posted by joshmightbe

the music sucks but it looks cool

Posted by dr.x

so is darkwing duck going in this too?
Posted by cmaprice

Meh. A little cheesy.
I'll give it a chance. But judging by past experience, if it's any good, it won't last past the second season (e.g. Wolverine and the X-men, The Spectacular Spider-Man -- the only good Marvel cartoons made that stand on their own merit and not nostalgia)

Posted by skprgb

Both hawkeye and Black Panther!!! Awesome.

Posted by Secret Identity

That has one of the best themes EVER. Looks cool. Is this a film or a series though?

Posted by oiHooliganismoi

holy mother focker this looks sofa king awesome