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Posted by GTG12

looks alright
Posted by Amegashita

  .... What is this?

Posted by Vincent92

i must see more before i decided
Posted by cattlebattle

soemeone already posted this 3 days ago
Way to be on top of things Comicvine :)

Posted by Bestostero

Why did they spend time making this when they should've been working on X-Men Legends III!?

Posted by EpitomeofCool

looks really bad......

Posted by Danial79

The graphics look a little out-dated, but it could still be fun. Need to see a gameplay trailer to really judge though.

Posted by doordoor123


Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Why do the graphics suck? Take another year an fix it. Maybe then ya can sell this... thing.
Posted by Joesoef95

Yeah I agree the graphics does look a little old, and I was hoping we can create our own mutants :/ still gonna play this though, seems great.

Posted by Duncan

Wow, I expected more from this.

Posted by monopolyloser

looks like another generic brawler. textures don't look good either.

Posted by foldingstar

hmm looks ok.  
Is that Pixie at around 0.33/0.34? It has the pink hair and large wrist gauntlets and I think in the smoke that follows you can see a wing flapping. I really hope it is her :D
Posted by Transmetal

dont care...want Arkham City

Posted by NXH
@EpitomeofCool said:
looks really bad......
you took the words right outta my mouth lol
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Wait a minute.... Someone found my idea journal and made a game! I wanted to make this Game!!!!
Posted by Beatrix

Far too many dead characters in there, somebody should really tell Mike Carey what's been happening recently. And given that he's the legacy writer, no Rogue is very disappointing. Plus it looks terrible graphically and the characters look unbelievably run-of-the-mill. Looks really rushed.  
@xhavoc86 said:

Why did they spend time making this when they should've been working on X-Men Legends III!?  
 We can only dream. Sigh.
Posted by Iron Fist Angel
    No kidding. I'm an X-men fanatic and even I have little interest in this. Wake me when somebody, (and I mean a real developer - not garbage producers like Silicon Knights or Vicarious Visions), make a real X-men game.
Posted by cosmo111687

Looks down-right awful. :(

Posted by cmaprice

Graphics look terrible.
Interesting they used the MUA2 Juggernaut design.

Posted by I_Am_Dark

Obviously they have a lot to fix before release, especially with Nightcrawler's tail.

Posted by xmanaker

holy crap....i think it looks AWESOME! 
Posted by .o0Johnny0o.

The tease trailer got me pumped but now I'm a bit deflated.  I think the whole appeal of RPGs are the ability to customise and choose your own path.  Three characters seemingly non customisable, two sides so an outcome of 6, maybe? If the story's gonna be that rigid, I'd rather play as an established character.
Sad face =[

Posted by Omega Ray Jay
@cattlebattle said:
soemeone already posted this 3 days ago  Way to be on top of things Comicvine :)
while i was watching it i knew I'd seen it before lol. It still doesn't look great but I'l probably give it a blast when the price comes down.
Posted by ImperiousRix

Not convinced in the least. 
And if you're not creating your own mutant from scratch, then I say this game can suck it...

Posted by Sol-rac

graphics down

Posted by KingLoki

Should have went with XML3.
Nuff said!

Posted by The Sadhu

So far... so good.
Posted by JediXMan

Looks like crap. And they stated that it's set in the current X-Men timeline; they should have done some research.

Posted by VanTesla

I feel like this will be a major flop...
Posted by spider-man 2996

I wish they would make a new game where you can be the X-men not some made up character.
Posted by maxicere

No big thing....

Posted by Edgeworth_11

For everyone who said the graphics are bad, this is the Wii versrion! It will look great on PS3.
Posted by dorsk188

The premise has potential.  Controlling an original mutant navigating the established world of X-Men and Brotherhood, etc.  I think I read that these aren't the final graphics.  They're building the game first, then upgrading the skins.  Could just be spin, though...

Posted by Dark Cell

Posted by TheIncredibleNightcrawler1999

hmmm... only 3?

Posted by PhoenixoftheTides

The characters don't look that interesting. I would have preferred X-Men Legends III.

Posted by EmmaGrace

This game looks terrible! If I'm buying an X-Men game, I wanna play as an X-Man. I'm desperately hoping it will be like XML one, where you would walk around as Magma and she was on the team but the other X-Men are playable. Otherwise, I wouldn't even consider renting this garbage :/

Posted by mesosteros

So is this an MMO or what?

Posted by cmaprice
@Edgeworth_11 said:
For everyone who said the graphics are bad, this is the Wii versrion! It will look great on PS3.
Does this have a source? Why would the only footage they release be from the Wii? That's against all known logic for multi-platform releases.
Edited by jcbart

Not even a massive X-Men fan like me can be interested by this. Worst Wolverine model in a game in the past decade?  
The only thing that even looks remotely promising is that they have some recent characters (Pixie, Surge) and it's set in San Fran

Posted by daken_2513

i want to play as the xmen
Posted by Ashra

Anyone have a list of the playable characters that will be in the game?

Posted by Unwritten Duck

Still don't know enough to know if it's worth getting.

Posted by Sobe Cin

So I have this on preorder- I have one question, is this an MMO? If so, why? 
Edited by Shadowdoggy

some new info on just how the powers work in this game

you have a base power and then you can equip different X-Genes (powers of characters you've met) in three places- attack, defense and utility

along with a fourth slot when you are using all three of a character's genes along with their costume (which all together grant an additional bonus)

and all of it together makes the sum total of your character's mutant abiltiy

IE: you pick energy projection as your base power, let's say, and then put Surges' X-Gene in attack (to add electrical effect to your powers), Colossus for your defense (probably some sort of physical protection) and Northstar on utility (for a speed bonus)   something like that 

so it seems like there will be a lot of customization possibilities....which is good!


Posted by Eyz

Looking much better than I thought it would!

Posted by jubilee042

graphics not so good

Posted by Croi

If this was online - I could understand why the graphics are shabby. Like, DC Universe Online graphics aren't that great, but it makes up for it. 
But it's not.
So I have one thing to say:

Posted by Shadowdoggy

3 mutant characters no one's ever heard of

no playable X-Men

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