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Posted by gettozachoppa

First post and everyone is entitled to there opinion also I agree with you on the art it does fit the character although i still have yet to pick this up.

Posted by HunterX57

Deadpool has been traveling quite a bit through multiple dimensions by the time you hit the Merc with a Mouth series, so don't expect to understand the plot in any of that series by just picking up one issue (even the 1st one). 
Deadpool also has very serious moment later on in the serialization, but it's difficult for him to deal with his emotions so he uses his jokes and care free attitude as an escape from that pain. He's a character who honestly has no idea who the heck he is. (For the longest time, he thought he was Wade Wilson, who was actually a guy he killed and took the identity of, and then later found out the real Wade Wilson was one of his top competitors for merc jobs, T-Ray.) He is also led to beleive that his father is Loki (which may or may not be true, we don't really know) 
However if you find his comics involving Bullseye, they are usually much more serious, Bullseye brings out the best in Deadpool whenever the two of them are interacting. 
As you are an X-men fan, if you're looking for a 1-shot comic to pick up about Deadpool that you would like, I would say go for  Deadpool X Marks the spot, written by Daniel Way, (Pencil work Shawn Crystal & Paco Medina with inkwork by Shawn Crystal, John Lucas, and Juan Vlasco. It's about 146 pages (multiple issues in a semi-hard cover book) that has a bit of a long start, and wraps up with Deadpool attempting to join the X-men. It's got some more serious moments in it, and more humor than you'd care for but I think it would be a much better introduction to what Deadpool is about rather than jumping into the Merc with a mouth series (which is coming after a 60+ issue series and many, many 1 shots.) Also any of the Deadpool Team-Ups are worth a read and usually 1-shots that have no real connection to eachother.