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Seems pretty interesting. At least they aren't taking the easy way out by making a super hero comic, and doing something with a Vertigo twist to it. It's for a good reason as well.

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@G-Man: You can't join in on #17, it's only a ten issue limited series :P
But I agree with your review, ironically though I'm stuck in my comfort zone reading Vertigo and pass up some of the mainstream stuff, does that mean I'm a step ahead of everyone or just as far behind?
Also, THAT TWIST BLEW MY MIND! It was the last thing I ever saw coming...in fact I never saw it coming, even when it lead up to and seemed plausible...and then when it did happen I sort of just sat there in shock.
Posted by zombietag

eh, i dont know. seems kinda boring. plus ive been reading sweet tooth and its awesome, i think thats enough vertigo for my current budget right now

Posted by G-Man
@aztek the lost: Have you read the solicit for issue #2?  It makes no sense.  I'm a big lover of the superhero comics but stuff like this is a breath of fresh air.
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Posted by drawme

I didn´t like the art.

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@G-Man: I know, I've got suspicions about how this series is going to unfold but honestly I'm utterly confused after that EPIC ending...but still, really excited, for issue #2.
Posted by ElJuano

I'm Lovin' this book and G-Man U R correct it is a breath of fresh air! @$2.99 it's a steal the art alone is phenomenal!

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@drawme said:
" I didn´t like the art. "
r u c ree us?