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Very nice.
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drews cute. :-p

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Wow that guy actually looked like Toby Maguire lol
Oh and thanks Drew for the footage :D

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awesome stuff lol the two guys were more into the mj danceing then babs pokemon ftw

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So many Ash Ketchums!!!

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Man, how early did you guys get there?

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Oh no! No deodorant!? o__O 
...LOL @ the Poke-stans.


Drew <3

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wow, Thor video game concept art kicks Captain America in the crotch. geez

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That was brave. Dancing with no deodorant. You had two, how could you forget both of them?

Posted by bobtv
@FoxxFireArt said:
" That was brave. Dancing with no deodorant. You had two, how could you forget both of them? "
Yes, both of them?
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Her car reception is horrible. But I was amused.

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Yeah hopefully Thor will be good. That could be an awesome game.

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That's some great concept art for the Thor game.

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As much as I always enjoy the videos, the sound is almost always terrible.

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Cool beans.

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Holy Ash Ketchum

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Nice I love Thor I'm can't wait to get this and play it hopefully it well be god and not boring 
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I wish comic conventions were that big over here in Aus :(

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2 Drew's at whisky media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice moves babs....
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Oh dear. Pokemon fans still exist? 
When will we start seeing full interviews?  
You are taunting me, Sara! :@

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@Nobody: He does look *a lot* like Tobey. Clone Saga anyone?
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Pokemon will NEVER DIE.

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There's a Thor video game now!?!

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LOL you made the pokemon fans sing the song hilarious
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What about Thor?
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HEY!  THAT'S NOT DREW!  This is Drew
Also, why...Lord...why...do they keep getting Sega to make these games?  The Iron Man games were terrible.

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She can dance next to me with or without deoderant anytime lol :) 
I live in NYC lol but read and heard all about CC there.

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lol, Pokemon singers, Bab's you can get people to do anything.
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sorry, can't see your picture because of a virus
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Thor game will end up meh overall just wish a better developer would get marvel games & pok'emon fans sing ....... no thanks .

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@HellionVulcan:  that and the lame Captain America: Super Soldier game and you have business as usual where movie adapted gaming is concerned. S'up Hellion!?
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@GoddaM: wow dude long time no see & yeah both games will suck & i'm good man kinda have afew sicknesses problems but how are u as its been years lol .
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I did have deodorant, you guys. I Just thought it would be funny to say I didn't! :D

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you stole the words right out of my mouth
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Yes there was a lot of great costumes there did see the X-men? there were so many I could bearly get them all on film! :

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Two Drews behind the cameras, interesting.

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@Joe Venom:
X-Men ftw
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The Thor game's art looks good. Hopefully, will also be a good game ^^ 
P.S. The lady is cute :)
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I wonder how the Cap GL and THor game are going to turn out hopefully good 
And hopefully the concept are of Thor will be like the movie!