Posted by Blackestnight

So glad to see you sticking with Dare Devil Reviews!
I am really enjoying this series. It's one of Marvel best and most underrated books out right now. 
Dare Devil does address the dilemma with the hand saying how bad the cops and judges are now under the thumb of Osborne thus the need for change on his part.
I'd pick up 500 just because it's a great issue and leads into 501.  501 was perfect. And looks like we will see more of the King Pin angle in 503.  I should have it in my hand tomorrow. Maybe I'll do a review.
 4.5? OK.  I thought it might be a 5 out of 5. It was not as solid of a 5 and issue 501 but still a 5 compared to some other 5s. The court scene with Mat the dream in the beginning where he could see again showing what a moral dilemma he is in trying to steer the Hand... re-read that and read into it. It's quality.  Also about the middle of the book bottom of the left page check out the polcie car ramming through the fence. Look at how well the glow of the sirens are shown.. simply fantastic.
Don't forget we have the betray on Owl in this book. That is something a DD reader to would pick up on more acutely. I have a feeling he might turn on his betrayers and this could lend to the court case, or if not, at least into identifying who really murdered those cops and the judge.  
With King Pin there are always many layers in his game. He's one of the most intelligent and interesting foes. Plus don't forget he now has Lady Bullseye.