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I loved this issue. I think I recommended to babs on FB.
There is a page in there of a street lamp and I don't know how they did it but it looks like it is actually glowing. 
I think this is an awesome book to introduce people to Dare Devil who were just casual fans.  
Babs keep doing more dare devil reviews! You just summed up my thoughts on this issue completely and said the same things I was thinking. Now know I can bank on your reviews.  The issue of the List dare devil was stellar as well. Actually Dare Devil and Punisher were my favorite issues in the List series. 
I want to know what you thought of 502,503 they're pretty dark. Did you keep reading Dare Devil? I think Dare Devil and Hulk have been the most improved comics for Marvel this year. They're both really interesting monthlys now.  For me 502 was great not as good as 500 and 501 but still an amazing book. 503 picks it right back up.
I'm looking forward to the "what if" dare devil comics.