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please show us more of your garage tony! i miss comic vines video content

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Ooo so classy! I'm new to comics, joined in with the new 52 re-launch and am now obsessed with the comic universe. Any original content would be fantastic and would love to see more!

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Yay! The garage returns!

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Cool! I'd like to see a return of the classic Comic Vine videos, even if they're subscriber only.

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More covers! More garage! More beard!

Two classic covers:  Uncanny X-Men #251, #268

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Please do more than just one comic cover if you can, G-Man.

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Awesome. Hope to see more of these.

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I'm gonna write up a post tomorrow about Subscriber and Video content. This was sorta a preview.

@Decept-O: I gotta have you wanting to come back for more!

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YES a return of the garage!!1 I want more video content on Comicvine kind of miss News of the week and what not.

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@G-Man: I will no matter what. Just an extra comic; come on, G, I know you've got enough comics to do it! :)

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Ben the Pimp! Take a step back from the camera though G, you were way to in and it seemed a bit out of focus because of it.

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Loved this video, I would love to see more.

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@G-Man: As soon as I saw the cover, I knew a feature like this would be a great idea. Crazy Covers Coming Constantly, from your garage! Great video stuff for sure

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Return of the garage! Feels like 2009 again haha, excellent stuff.

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This was really rad!

Post some more ASAP, thanks!

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The medallion is the best part, it's so baller. I would like to see this video in a longer format, maybe your favorite covers from different comic series.

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For your next video Tony, can you get even closer to the camera? :P

I do want more, though!

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@bunkerbuster05: Trying to give it an intimate feel, ya know?

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I want more like this! I love comics in @G-Man 's garage. I would like to see the full on Garage Reviews back!

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Thing-bling do your thing!